The Ideal Long-term Rental Home in Costa Rica

April 12, 2024 in Life in Costa Rica, Tips for Buyers, Real Estate in Costa Rica

Create The Ideal Long-term Rental Home in Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s popular South Pacific towns of Ojochal, Uvita, and Dominical are known for their lush landscapes and tranquil living. This sensational region offers unique attractions for families and retirees looking to immerse themselves in  vibrant culture and the serene environment. The expat communities in these towns have been growing and flourishing for decades now and are home to a variety of unique services and amenities favored by a diverse demographic of expatriates who are either exploring a permanent move or constructing their dream homes and will need a pleasant and comfortable rental home in the meantime.

Long-term rentals are a dependable source of passive income that many property seekers in our region today today are opting to buy. There is less turnover and management in long-term rental properties than there is with short-term rentals, the latter of which may be more lucrative but also much more challenging to manage day-to-day. Long-term renters in Costa Rica are typically willing to pay for all utilities and organize cleaning and landscaping the property, leaving much less work in the hands of the landlords.

The selection of features, locations, and designs in rental homes in Ojochal, Uvita, and Dominical reflects the lifestyle and priorities of the renters. Families with school-aged children and retirees make up the primary demographics of long-term renters here because they are the primary home owners already here and like attracts like. There are numerous schools and services that cater to these demographics of expats and more and more of them want to be here every year. The families often seek a test run of local living before committing to buying or building a home, while retirees might be looking for a tranquil yet accessible place to enjoy their retirement without making a commitment to close their lives back home where the kids and grandkids are. Both groups tend to value convenience, comfort, and quality of life, which are reflected in their housing choices.

Most Desired Long-Term Rental Home Features

Everyone has their own preferences but there are very clear trends that can be gleaned from searching posts online looking for long-term rental homes in the Ojochal, Uvita and Dominical areas. It is clear that some features affect the quality of life for people that are non-compromisable, the top three of which are:

#1 Swimming Pool: A quintessential feature, the presence of a private pool caters to the leisurely lifestyle sought after in the tropical climate of Costa Rica. It not only offers a respite from the heat but also serves as a focal point for family activities and social gatherings.

#2 Air Conditioning: Given the warm, humid weather typical of the Costa Rican coast, air conditioning is not just a luxury but a necessity. This feature is especially important for those still engaged in professional activities or asset management, as it ensures comfort and aids in maintaining productivity.

#3 High-Speed Internet: In today’s connected world, having reliable and fast internet service is crucial. Many residents in these areas work remotely or manage businesses and investments online, and they want to stream, game, and chat whenever they feel like it. As such, a strong internet connection is a top priority for tenants who need to ensure uninterrupted connectivity for work, communication, and entertainment.

Favored Locations Of Long-Term Renters

The choice of location is influenced heavily by the lifestyle and daily needs of the renters, who tend to prefer to be close to town but away from public roads and with easy access. For families with school-aged children, being near reputable schools is a priority. This reduces commute times and provides easier access to educational and recreational opportunities, enhancing the appeal of a rental property. Facilities such as playgrounds, gyms, and pickleball courts are significant for active families and retirees alike. These amenities support a healthy lifestyle and social interaction within the community.

Locations without difficult access are essential to most long-term renters, although some with higher budgets will prefer to be higher in the mountains to get away from busy streets and have a slightly fresher climate. Most renters prefer well-connected areas that are easy to reach by standard vehicles, avoiding the need for four-wheel drive which can be necessary in more remote parts of Costa Rica.

Preferred Size and Layout

A three-bedroom layout is optimal as it strikes a balance between space and manageability. It provides ample room for families, allowing children to share bedrooms if there are more than 2, while also being small enough to remain easy to maintain, clean, and cool.

Retirees often favor single-story homes for practical reasons. The absence of stairs reduces the risk of falls and simplifies mobility, making it a safer and more comfortable option for older adults.

Understanding the specific needs and preferences of long-term renters in Costa Rica helps property owners tailor their offerings to attract the right tenants. By providing the right mix of amenities, in the right locations, and with the appropriate layouts, landlords can ensure their properties remain appealing and competitive in the bustling Costa Rican rental market, which is already hot for long-term rentals and still growing.


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