You’ve heard of Pura Vida. Let us share with you.

Osa Tropical Properties is real estate Agency operating in the South of Costa Rica, in an area known as the Costa Ballena (Dominical, Uvita, Ojochal, Tres Rios and more). We are experts in the buying and selling process of homes, farms, hotels and lots in this region. We have represented buyers and sellers in hundreds of transactions in the last 15 years. We work tirelessly to serve our clients and our community, to find the best fit for our buyers and to represent our sellers with the most accurate and up-to-date knowledge of the local real estate market.

Over the years, Osa Tropical Properties has proudly built a reputation for an unshakeable work ethic and integrity. Our clients can count on our most respectful attention and constant accessibility. We are here to assist you the best we can and will be with you in every step of the way so you can find your dreamed place in this beautiful area of Costa Rica we call home. We love Costa Ballena and we want to share the passion that it inspires in us with the whole world !

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About the Broker, Kevin Champagne

Kevin gets involved at an early age in the family business, whose story unexpectedly begins on the roadside. Kevin’s father runs a small restaurant there where he sells ceviches (a typical Latin American seafood dish). To help a friend, he puts an ad on the wall. The property on display is quickly sold! Word of mouth will do the rest: other advertisements are piled up and meet with success too, until finally in 2005, the agency is created.

Before becoming a reference in regional real estate, Kevin learns the trade naturally, through contact with the growing number of local and expatriate clients. Most of his successes can be attributed to his excellent social skills and his ability to find THE property for the right buyer. With his values and tenacity, Kevin continues to grow the confidence that Osa Tropical Properties inspires. He bought the agency in 2014 and surrounded himself with seasoned professionals who all shared the same enthusiasm for having established themselves in the region. He is passionate about his job: helping people move to this beautiful country and assisting them so that the adventure begins with a serene transition!

Born and raised in Quebec, Kevin moved to Costa Rica more than 25 years ago. With his interpersonal skills and professionalism, he has become a key figure in the Costa Ballena community. He currently lives in Coronado with his wife and two young daughters.