Our Top Three Reasons For You to Move to Costa Rica

May 12, 2023 in Discover Costa Rica, Discover Costa Ballena, Life in Costa Rica

Osa Tropical Properties' Top Three Reasons For You to Move to Costa Rica

It’s easy to fall in love with Costa Rica. Those who visit tend to develop strong feelings of attachment to the lifestyle and the pace of day-to-day living and most people dread going back to their regular lives. These feelings of love and longing for Costa Rica and its many wonders tends to dampen over time, only to come back in full force when we feel we have burnt ourselves out to the end of our wits and we are ready for a break. And then there are those of us who have hit that wall enough times that we finally say “enough” and start looking for ways to make the warm and fuzzy feeling of being in Costa Rica last a little longer. So what are the qualities that fuel our passions so intensely? Below are our top three reasons why we think that you might belong in Costa Rica.


move-to-costa-rica Tranquility is the feeling of peace and quiet that you get from being in a sacred space. The jungled mountains and secluded beaches of Southern Costa Rica create just that atmosphere of being somewhere special and unique. Here, you will find the space to get away from what bothers you in the quiet roar of nature. By sitting in nature, surrounded by vibrant life, we develop the ability to free our minds from the constant worries that would leave us exhausted. Instead, we feel at peace in the wonder and majesty of the massive amount of beauty unfolding around us, like water running down a creek into a waterfall or a chorus of cicadas singing the day to a close.  Our gentle-living Costa Ballena communities are populated by locals and expats who prefer the calmer side of life. There is minimal traffic or hurry in this region. People here know not to rush. Working in the equatorial midday sun teaches you to go at your own pace and not to over exert yourself. Rushing around doesn’t really speed up the important things in life, either. Haste mostly serves to disconnect people in everyday transactions and people in Costa Rica value connection.


move-to-costa-rica-2 Costa Ricans prefer to arrive when they are ready and to first ask about your family and your health. This is because they know how important a positive mindset is for conquering the challenges of the day and life in the tropics is not always easy. But together with a well-functioning community, we quickly find that we can do almost anything. Take the tree that’s fallen over, blocking someone’s road. The closest person with a chainsaw will be right there knowing full well that if something like that happens to them, their neighbors will be there to help, too. Living in small villages of just a few thousand residents means that we are much closer to the everyday products and services we use. We know the people living and working in our communities and there is a sense of accountability that goes into everything that we do. It’s not easy to take advantage of someone when you know their friends and/or family. And in the Costa Ballena, we are not far removed from anyone we come across on a daily basis. There are a number of venues that foster a sense of community. Local bars and restaurants will host groups of people who are open to meeting and chatting with anyone who comes along. New-comers are greeted and welcomed in the same way as old friends. Everyone here has a story to tell and you will find a number of willing ears when you’re ready to tell yours. And there are various volunteer opportunities or family/community support groups that are great spaces to meet others while helping out where needed.


move-to-costa-rica The number one feature about Costa Rica that draws the most people is certainly the incredible nature. Sure, the cost of living is lower than most developed places in the world and people can make their pensions and remote incomes stretch further than they would elsewhere. Healthcare and education are free or inexpensive and of great quality. But at the end of the day, it is things like the colorful sunsets over the azure ocean or the cacophony of bird sounds in the morning that capture our hearts and leave us wanting more. Costa Rica is filled with plant and animal species that you won’t find anywhere else on the planet. Their bright colors and strange shapes draw our attention and their sounds and smells ignite our senses with a rush of new experiences. Even those of us who have lived here for a number of years are excited by seeing a new type of parrot or smelling a flower scent that we haven’t experienced before. And when it comes to interacting with nature, Costa Rica is filled with the crown jewels clean, green living. Cool mountain springs traverse our South Pacific landscapes and feed our food forests with fresh water and live nutrients. Mountain breezes carry a health-inducing humidity that almost instantly changes the lives of many expats who choose to make this special place home. We learn to care about the connectivity in life and keep our footprints small so that we may all enjoy this natural abundance for longer. And this appreciation for real beauty fuels us to experience a mental health that comes most easily with an immersion in nature. In Costa Rica’s sumptuously warm climate, most living is done outdoors. Our homes reflect this desire to be out in the real world, taking it in whenever we can. We are big fans of bright, starry skies and our deep blue daytimes. We have no skyscrapers other than the green, jungle covered mountains to adorn our views. The houses on the hillsides of the Costa Ballena fly high above the coastline, giving us spectacular ocean views at every turn with a horizon as far as the eye can see. Living here is about feeling openness and a freedom to explore. There are so many exciting landscapes and microclimates within a short driving distance and a wealth of nature’s gifts to experience. If you’re ready to make this dream destination your new home base, our team is here to help make it as effortless as possible to find your place in pura vida living. Sign up to our newsletter below and stay connected with what is happening in Costa Ballena real estate every week. 

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