May 11, 2023 in Tips for Sellers, Selling Process, Real Estate in Costa Rica

Since we have recently achieved a balanced market in Costa Ballena real estate--where sellers and buyers are now fairly equally numbered--we want to share with our sellers what it is that we’re doing to bring buyers to their property listing in Costa Rica.

We’ve been having much success with selling our office's listings in recent months. For instance, we have had five accepted offers in the last 4 days! Even so, we do regularly show the listings of other agents. And buyers are more regularly walking into our office, bypassing a multitude of our competitors in Costa Ballena real estate. What we think is bringing buyers directly to our office is our growing ability to communicate a 'local expat lifestyle' to them and a good business ethic from us. Let me explain...

A bit about our office

At Osa Tropical Properties, we are a team who are dedicated to selling our own and each others’ listings within our office. We are selective about the listings that we take as an office, knowing full well what we can and cannot sell. We preview listings daily and we discuss listings every week in our team meetings. Our goal is to make sure that the listings we do take fit the criteria that we know buyers want.

Our team's ethics

As a team, we practice honesty and integrity with our clients. We share with buyers all of the real details that we know about life here, and give them council about which properties we expertly believe will suit them best. And we show our sellers integrity by communicating all feedback about their property and providing regular, expert council about how to manage the listing. When it comes to things like pricing, we approach our sellers with the data to support how and why we have determined that a price is correct for the current market, or for the time frame that our sellers dictate.

In-depth market knowledge

We regularly share with sellers and buyers what is happening in the market. We write monthly market reports, share developments in the community, and regularly communicate with our clients directly about issues that are valuable to them and their investment. Our weekly updated blog is a great resource for buyers and sellers alike who want to know about what’s happening in Costa Ballena real estate. The Costa Ballena is a special market and updates from other markets in Costa Rica don't always apply--and you won't find another local real estate market report as regular and thorough.

Keeping an organized office

Real estate agents must be organized and consistent to be successful. We have a stacked marketing plan that includes calendars, due dates, and regularly schedules programming that keeps us busy every week. Our goal is to communicate the needs of our clients, which are primarily our sellers. When we have a roster of properties for sale that are priced and positioned well by us, we tend to find quick success with finding buyers for them because of our great marketing abilities. Buyers are being regularly updated with new properties for sale via our weekly newsletter to our database, daily posts on social media, lifestyle stories, interviews with local expats, digital flyers, magazine ads, agent walk-through videos, professionally produced listing videos, and lifestyle videos selling the area, which regularly feature our listings in them.

The business of real estate

As real estate agents, we don't earn a steady pay check. We earn our income as a commission based on our services. Like any good small business owner, we are tending to our existing clients and going out looking for new clients every day.   Our team is driven. Take a look at our recently sold page and you will see how many of your neighbors bought or sold through us. It is our business to council and help sellers reap the full benefit of their Costa Rica investment. And we make it our business to find the buyers who we know will love their lives in this region. We spend time, money and effort every day finding these buyers and learning how to speak to them in human and technological ways. Our SEO for real estate in the South Pacific of Costa Rica is growing fast.

Want to know more about the real estate market in this region and what our team can do for you? Contact our office by phone or email any time. We will cater a listing presentation at your leisure detailing all of the specific services that we offer our clients. We will work out a marketing plan that is right for your listing using all of the tools listed above, and more.

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