Exotic Tailor-Made Experiences in South Pacific Costa Rica for the Luxury Traveler

May 11, 2023 in Discover Costa Rica, Discover Costa Ballena


Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.
– Anonymous

Luxury isn’t about how much you spend, and in Costa Rica, that saying rings true all the more.  The idea of luxury amounts to the moments that you never forget, delivered expertly, and with discretion.  Luxury clientele is looking for thoughtful service, special touches, personalized care, attention to detail, flawless execution, discretion, and making the seemingly impossible a reality.

Costa Rica's high-end institutions that cater to luxury clientele have valuable connections and friendships in the region, mixing and mingling with a range of circles, helping them to create and manage itineraries for discerning guests.

[caption id="attachment_9779" align="aligncenter" width="5472"]Escaleras view from home Osa Tropical Properties Unparalleled views in luxe community of Escaleras[/caption]

The desire for more exclusive life experiences creates a demand for travel. International publication Tourism Economics confirms that global travel is growing faster than global GDP, and luxury travel is growing even faster. Consumers increasingly expect more rewarding and luxurious travel journeys and they are willing to spend more money on these experiences.

Global outbound luxury trips from North America and Western Europe represent 64% of total international travelers, despite only making up 18% of the total world population.  Incongruously, luxury hotels have been growing 7% worldwide each year since 2014.

What makes the difference

The definition of luxury is always shifting away from the mainstream.  Spas used to be associated with luxury, and now they are in every four-star hotel.  The luxury bar is continually being raised while new affluent consumers are popping up in different regions around the world.


We’re living in an age where civilians can travel to outer space on Virgin Galactic… where you can rent a private island on Airbnb for $500 a night. It’s become clear that mass luxury is no longer a new thing, yet it creates this contradiction: how can you offer ‘luxury’ in the traditional sense and ‘mass’ at the same time?
– Emily Segal, artist, consultant and co-founder of K-Hole, from her speech “Learning from the MA-1 – the future of luxury branding” at TEDxVaduz, 2014

Luxury in Costa Rica

The purpose of luxury branding is to maintain a sense of exclusivity.  An emergent middle class is seeking the material aspect of luxury travel, like certain types of freebies or amenities, but more mature markets are craving an evolved kind of luxury.  These mature customers want a relevant, personal, and exclusive experience - something out of the ordinary - and Costa Rica delivers on both fronts in every way.

Instead of saving to buy luxurious things, the middle class is choosing to splash out on luxurious experiences.  In Costa Rica, the majority of expats who come here choose to go big on property.  Luxury homes are often situated on or near large swaths of primary rainforest preserves, with nature and privacy being their key features.  These homes are tastefully decorated, with ultra-luxury residences being fashioned with only the best quality materials for this climate that look and feel elegant and fit aesthetically with the natural landscape.

Discerning luxury clients come to this region of Costa Rica for exclusive tour and service options.  They are not looking for prepackaged and inauthentic; they want transient experiences that only money can buy, but only for a select few.

Below are nine curated, real-time, and experience-driven luxury offers available to the most affluent visitors to the Southern Zone of Costa Rica.

Top nine luxury experiences in Southern Costa Rica (and beyond)

1. Private helicopter tours with AeroTec - The perfect bird’s eye panoramas
Serving all of Costa Rica

[caption id="attachment_9788" align="aligncenter" width="800"]helicopter-costa rica-osa tropical properties Helicopter pick up and drop off at exclusive locations in Costa Rica[/caption]

Enjoy bespoke excursions to Costa Rica’s best kept secret locations.  See mountain outlines that go beyond common sightseeing offerings.  Experience the flight of your life over pristine forest preserves on one side, and the setting sun over the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean.

Helicopter flights take you places where even a 4x4 cannot go. Request pick up at your residence and drop off at Los Suenos Resort and Marina for an evening at the casino.

2. Private sunset dinner at Kura Design Villas - An unforgettable location for a romantic meal
At The Sky Lodge in Uvita

[caption id="attachment_9787" align="aligncenter" width="2000"]kura-uvita-osa tropical properties Kura's exclusive rooftop dining at night[/caption]

Relax and enjoy a complete 360-view of dense jungle and infinite ocean in this private, romantic rooftop hideaway, flooded with stars overhead.  The tranquil yet sexy atmosphere of this location is the perfect way to end the day, watching the sun sink into the distance with a glass of champagne in hand.  Kura’s expert chef can serve almost anything their guests desire using local, primary and organic tropical ingredients grown in their own greenhouse.  All of their fish are 100% sustainable and responsibly caught.  Impeccable service and unique ambiance are their guarantee.

3. Private sailing cruise with Serendipity Charters - Visit island sanctuaries in style
Serving Costa Rica's Pacific Coast

[caption id="attachment_9786" align="aligncenter" width="1920"] Private open ocean luxury at its finest in Costa Rica's Pacific Coast[/caption]

Chartering your own private yacht and crew is the premiere to explore the Pacific wonders like Isla Caño.  Hire Serendipity and be wined and dined with sumptuous food and drink.  All gear is provided for a unique open ocean experience.  Private charters take their passengers to the best surf breaks, most untouched beaches, and feeling the passion of wind travel, rather than listening to a loud motor.

4. Wilderness Golf Package at Four Seasons Peninsula Papagayo - Inspired by tradition
Peninsula Papagayo, Guanacaste

[caption id="attachment_9780" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Four Seasons Costa Rica golf course Oceanview golfing at Costa Rica's Four Seasons[/caption]

Take a private helicopter charter to a course designed by Arnold Palmer in Peninsula Papagayo.  Although this is a notoriously dry, wilderness-depleted, and overpopulated region of Costa Rica, they have the benefit of championing this spectacular 18-hole, par-72 course that is ranked among the Top 100 outside of the United States by Golf Digest.  Feel inspired while teeing off to spectacular ocean views from this elevated course.

5. One of a kind spa treatments at Oxygen Spa - A pristine jungle-set spa like no other

[caption id="attachment_9778" align="aligncenter" width="1280"]Oxygen-spa-Uvita-Osa-Tropical-Properties Relax in the sumptuous and tranquil Oxygen Spa in Uvita[/caption]

Specializing in couples massages, Oxygen’s treatments only use raw, local, organic ingredients and exotic oils that they customize for your individual needs.  Their trained therapists are caring and compassionate, waiting to make your day a memorable one.  All services are performed in the privacy of your own villa, or in their Balinese Pavilion in the vibrant jungle.


A dip in the green stone-lined infinity pool, bordered by statues of the Buddha, is an act of meditation in itself.
– Conde Nast

6. Deep-sea fishing at Copa de Arbol - Ocean excursions with the best in the industry
Drake Bay, Osa Peninsula

[caption id="attachment_9785" align="aligncenter" width="752"] Giant sailfish - one of sport fishing's many delights in Drake Bay[/caption]

With over 70 registered wold records captured within 60 nautical miles, Drake Bay is reputed to be on of the world’s best sport-fishing destinations.  Inshore delights include snapper, grouper, and rooster fish, and offshore prizes are sailfish, marlin, mahi mahi, yellowfin tuna and so many more. 

Located near the mouth of the Sierpe River, part of a lush mangrove estuary, makes for a good chance for delicious snook and corvina.  Their captains have grown up fishing these waters and are expert navigators of the local nautical terrain.  Revel in the dynamic coastal views while you wait for the eagerly anticipated tug on your line.

7. Eco-harmony tour at Lapa Rios - World-class birdwatching n the most biodiverse region on the planet
Osa Peninsula

[caption id="attachment_9784" align="aligncenter" width="5616"] Birdwatcher's paradise in Osa Peninsula's Lapa Rios[/caption]

Costa Rica is well-known for its pristine natural beauty.  Wildlife and amazing adventures are the name of the game, and Lapa Rios Eco Lodge provides direct access to the stunning wonders of the Osa Peninsula.  Classified by National Geographic magazine as “the most biodiverse region on the planet,” the Osa Peninsula is home to 2.5% of the world’s biodiversity, and Lapa Rios is situated in a 1000-acre private reserve that is home to all four species of monkeys in Costa Rica. 

One of Central America’s best locations for birders, nearby Corcovado National Park is home to many of Costa Rica’s endangered animals, such as jaguars, pumas, scarlet macaws and the great harpy eagle.  Three beautiful, remote beaches, hidden waterfall gems, and adventure activities are available to make the most of your nature-filled experience.  Guided tours help support the ongoing maintenance and land preservation that are key to the mission of this reserve.

8. Luxury immersion retreat at Waterfall Villas - For transcendent, transformative experiences

[caption id="attachment_9783" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Immersion yoga retreat at Waterfall Villas in Baru[/caption]

Personal, private retreats are possible any time that there is availability in this regenerative immersion jungle resort. Wake up to personalized yoga instruction in your private suite, where the environment and instruction are personalized to be totally supportive to your state of being.  Combining spiritual studies, meditation practice, cleansing, and detox, the mission at Waterfall Villas is to preserve the integrity of the tropical rain forest while creating an environment for sharing and healing.  They aim to be conscious of the environment and the local people using careful planning and a wealth of knowledge about ecology.

“Sharing wisdom will bring awareness in sustainable eco-tourism, and will create appreciation for the world’s most sacred and scarce resources: our water and our rainforests.”

9. Personalized packages at Golden Pineapple Villas - Adventure out of the ordinary

[caption id="attachment_9782" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Golden-pineapple-uvita-osa-tropical-properties Privately catered excursion with Golden Pineapple Resort[/caption]

An exclusive luxury hotel situated on 14 acres of Uvita’s finest natural landscape, set on the side of a mountain that touches down to the cerulean Pacific Ocean coast.  Designed specifically with privacy in mind, each villa has its own private luxury amenities.

Your experience is the priority at Golden Pineapple Villas, where their expert team will customize your experience, offering individualized service where you can relax, explore and dine in style.  They think of everything and tailor each experience to the guest’s unique tastes.

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