Discover the Diverse Neighborhoods of Ojochal, Costa Rica: A Real Estate Guide

June 21, 2024

Real Estate in Ojochal, Costa Rica

Navigating the real estate market in Costa Rica can be an exciting yet complex journey for foreigners. While many prospective buyers have toured the country, they often have only glimpsed a fraction of what it offers. When it comes to selecting a region to invest in and potentially move to, considerations such as different coasts, proximity to cities and amenities, elevation, and local environment become crucial. Within each region, the neighborhood you choose can significantly influence your daily experience. This week, we delve into Ojochal, a vibrant town represented by our real estate office. Home to around 400 households from around the globe, Ojochal offers diverse lifestyles, and we aim to provide potential buyers with insights into what this unique area has to offer.

An Introduction to Ojochal

Ojochal is the southernmost town in the South Pacific region known as Costa Ballena, which also includes Dominical, Uvita, and various sub-communities. Located about an hour south of Quepos and a 3.5-hour drive from the capital, San Jose, Ojochal is one of the oldest villages in this region, initially settled by Costa Ricans in the 1950s. The arrival of expats began in the 1980s, leading to the gradual emergence of hotels and businesses, fostering a welcoming atmosphere for tourists and property buyers alike. Nestled in the river valleys and foothills of the Talamanca Mountains, Ojochal is adjacent to the stunning wild beaches that define this region of Costa Rica. Despite its natural allure, Ojochal is not a traditional tourism hub. The focus here is on nature lovers and those seeking peaceful tranquility rather than corporate expansion. Let’s explore what the different parts of Ojochal offer to those seeking a better quality of life.

The Entrances to Ojochal


There are three main entrances to Ojochal: Cinco Ventanas to the north, Perezoso Road to the south, and the main entrance that leads through the most established parts of town. The area nearest the highway was one of the first to be settled by foreigners in Costa Ballena. One of the early developers built Hotel Tortuga at the southern entrance to Playa Tortuga, which became a popular lodging spot in the 80s and 90s. Today, roads like Calle Soluna and Calle Estrella feature some of the oldest expat developments, with large colonial-style homes, hotels, and bed-and-breakfasts on expansive ocean-view properties. This area is ideal for those seeking convenience, ease of access, and proximity to the beach.

Central Ojochal


Driving down the main road from Ojochal's entrance (Avenida Principal), you pass through the flat river valley where most of the town’s population resides. This road hosts the majority of businesses and services, including the Jucaloa supermarket, restaurants, a deli, a beauty salon, a pharmacy, and a library. As you travel through town, the elevation gradually increases, following the two main rivers. Central Ojochal features a mix of new and old developments that capitalize on the prime, easily accessible locations near stores, services, and schools. Branching off from Avenida Principal and Calle del Bosque are smaller homes on modest lots. One of the oldest developments is on Calle del Casique, where elaborate colonial-style homes sit on large properties with stunning ocean and mountain views. These properties are rarely for sale, as long-term residents cherish the area.

Papagayo and Perezoso Roads


Luxury homes line Perezoso Road, often referred to as the "Beverly Hills" of Ojochal, due to the hillside estates with spectacular ocean views, as well as the high-end hotels and restaurants nestled in the jungle. This area boasts many million-dollar homes, both older colonial-style and modern designs. Papagayo Road also offers ocean-view estates, primarily overlooking the breathtaking mountain ranges. Along both roads, larger acreages and farms are now being subdivided and sold as smaller parcels to new buyers, though some extensive properties with incredible privacy and views remain available.

Phases 9 and 11


Located on the southernmost side of the village, Phases 9 and 11 are newer developments with large, ocean-view properties. Phase 9 is mostly developed, featuring numerous homes, while Phase 11 is in the early stages of construction, with lots sold recently as people begin building their dream homes on acre-plus properties.

Phases 4 and 5


Phases 4 and 5, the oldest in the mountains behind Ojochal, feature some of the largest lots in the area. Many properties boast high-end, older homes with mature landscaping, offering tranquility and privacy. Homebuyers often renovate to achieve a contemporary aesthetic while enjoying some of the best ocean, mountain, and village views.

Phases 6, 7, and 10


Phases 6, 7, and 10, the gated communities in Ojochal, consist of smaller lots with stunning views. These neighborhoods foster a community vibe, with strong HOA presence and communal maintenance and services. These are ideal for buyers willing to trade some privacy for ease of living and enhanced safety.

Phase 8 and Cinco Ventanas


Almost a separate town yet connected to Ojochal, Phase 8 and Cinco Ventanas Road stretch from the highway's commercial plaza to high-elevation points. Properties along Cinco Ventanas are primarily private, jungle acreages with river access. At the top, Phase 8 offers some of the best ocean-view properties, overlooking the Ballena Coast and Whale’s Tail formation.


Ojochal offers a variety of lifestyles in diverse settings, including gated communities, private estates, and robust neighborhoods. With incredible ocean views, lush green mountains, and serene rivers, Ojochal combines natural beauty with a welcoming mixed population of expats and Ticos. Enjoy a range of restaurants and amenities close to home, from affordable to upscale, in a community that truly has something for everyone!

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