May 12, 2023 in Buying Process, Selling Process, Real Estate in Costa Rica

In these times of social distancing, Osa Tropical Properties offers you our innovative digital client services So much of our lives are digital these days – and right now more than ever.  Did you know that much of the Osa Tropical Properties real estate experience can be fully digital too? Our services offer you a full digital experience of properties and life in Costa Rica. If you have been considering investment in Costa Rica real estate, our team can help you carry out your search for your ideal property. And you can close on your investment right from the comfort of your home. Owning a property in Costa Rica can be closer than it may appear. Continue reading to learn how our Osa Tropical Properties is working hard to make investment in Costa Rica easy for you. Read more about how to use our digital client services here

Beginning your remote real estate experience

In response to our client requests for digitization, we at Osa Tropical Properties are launching some tech-friendly initiatives that will help us engage with you better online through our website, mobile video chats, and on our social channels. Our online spaces play a critical role in how you perceive our brand. This is why we use high-quality interfaces like our uniquely client-friendly website that features the best property search in all of southern Costa Rica according to client reviews. Our online channels are filled with content that our page visitors want to see. On YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, Osa Tropical Properties features property walk-through videos, 360 virtual tours, drone videos showing a bird’s eye view, and plenty of answers to all of your frequently asked questions. We know that this level of service is a prerequisite for a successful digital business relationship with you.

Touring properties from a distance

With digitization, it’s easy to book a free virtual consultation with one of our expert realtors from the Osa Tropical Properties team. Our agents are available to answer all of your questions about investing in Costa Ballena real estate. We have all been living and working in the South Pacific region of Costa Rica for many years and we are happy to chat with you about the nitty gritty details of everyday life and investing in this country. Our new tech-friendly resolution begins with promoting efficiency and cost reduction for our clients. You won’t need to make several trips for scouting out properties throughout the year. We want to create an immersive experience for our clients to really get to know this area from a distance and all of the properties that meet your criteria. And you can complete the entire transaction remotely with the help of our digital closing process. Our team is made up of some of the most amazing agents in Costa Rica. We work to provide the best real estate experience; one where you walk in and instantly realize that we are here for the purpose of serving, not selling. Our office has always been a gathering place with an important role in the community and now we want to extend that level of service into the digital realm.

Giving back to our community

Osa Tropical Properties appreciates client loyalty and we reward those who give us successful referrals. By inviting friends, family, and colleagues to connect with your agent you may be eligible to receive a percentage of our commission from a successful transaction as a thank you for referring our office. This can happen from anywhere around the world so if you know someone interested in Costa Rica real estate, tell your Osa Tropical Properties agent and await your fruitful reward that comes from a simple phone call or email. There are no second chances to make a first impression, which is why we respond quickly to questions and feedback. Consistency is key and we make sure to share this information across platforms to our whole sphere of influence. We know that if one person has a good question, others will be excited to know the answer, too. This is why we put out so much content every week and are constantly inviting you to get in touch with us and use us as a resource for helping you on your journey. Osa Tropical Properties’ goal is to not make the fatal mistake of waiting for stability. We are embracing continuous development and actively look forward to new opportunities. Social media managers, data analysts and growth hackers are some of the new job titles that are lining our team. The whole of the purchase and sale process for real estate Costa Rica can be completed digitally so don’t let your remoteness stop you if you feel like now is your time to consider investing in Costa Rica real estate. Our clients’ lives are digital -- so our client care also has to be. If you know a way that we can better serve you digitally from a distance, please contact us at sales@osatropicalproperties.com and share with us your requests and/or your insight. We know that you, our clients, know us best and we are endlessly grateful for all of your input. Wishing you well and looking forward to connecting with you soon! 

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