Costa Rica Luxury Real Estate Is In Demand

May 13, 2023 in Real Estate in Costa Rica, Discover Costa Rica, Discover Costa Ballena, Life in Costa Rica

Costa Rica luxury real estate and luxury homes in Costa Rica are hot in 2022. We are currently in the season when tropical tourism slows down but interest in Costa Rica continues to grow. People are re-evaluating their lives and those who can afford it are choosing to not wait for retirement and are following their dreams today. Owning luxury property in many international real estate markets has become a big tax burden, especially in key areas of the United States. Many of our luxury buyers are deciding to pack up their businesses and their lives, or at least scale back significantly, and they are moving to Costa Rica to live in the moment.  The luxury market is in high demand and a host of luxury developers are buying up the best ocean view properties and building in this region. Ocean view properties—both with existing homes and vacant lots—are very scarce in the non-luxury market in 2022. Buyers are gradually moving up the pricing ladder and high-end buyers are finding themselves in good company when looking at luxury ocean view homes in Dominical, Uvita, and Ojochal.  An increasing number of international property investors have found their way to Costa Rica and fallen in love with the culture, lifestyle, attitude, and luxury rental income. And as the scarcity in the non-luxury ocean view market grows, the interest in the luxury market expands with it.

Luxe Appeal

Costa Rica offers a layered experience that discerning people crave. This is the place for people who want it all: community and nature in harmony. Luxury home buyers are seeking out Costa Rica to be a refuge from their stressful lives. People who make the journey to this more remote destination are looking to leave their stressors behind and tackle life at their leisure. Costa Ballena’s tranquil environment allows for the space to do this.  Centered around the Marino Ballena National Park, Costa Ballena is a natural wonderland with vast areas of untouched wilderness among the high-end homes that dot the hillsides. Adventure and leisure co-exist peacefully in this exotic landscape that feels like home more quickly than we realize, drawing us in at the first gasp we emit in awe of the pristine beauty of nature that is found here. Costa Ballena is the gateway to the Osa Peninsula, which is known as the jewel of Costa Rica for its immaculate nature. This area is all about private, unique living in the remoteness of nature but with many if not all of the luxury amenities that discerning clientele seek. Dominical, Uvita, and Ojochal are the three main towns that make up this region and they are home to just a few thousand international expats and locals living together. This is the home of world-class surfing and rainforest-covered mountains that rise up from the ocean. It is peaceful, friendly, and far from crowded. And it is home to a new class of luxury property buyer who wants the option to live in this incredible scenery and lifestyle.

Eco-Luxury in Costa Rica

According to Architectural Digest, Costa Rican architects are moving towards sustainable designs with a contemporary, luxury twist. Costa Rica is the world’s happiest and greenest nation and it is often hailed as the birthplace of ecotourism. Pristine environments are fast becoming scarce in our developing world and rare experiences are what the world’s elites seek out. High-end residences in Costa Rica are being built to look great without damaging the environment. They are increasingly using recycled wood and stone, and some luxury homes are even built without cutting a single tree. Modern high-end architects in Costa Rica are becoming more plentiful and they bring with them the knowledge and resources to create the most unique and special refuge in this unique and special location. Building a luxury home in the middle of the jungle with an eco-ethic will likely include lots of glass, allowing for the sensation of being in the jungle without the jungle being in your home.  Modern mansions are fast becoming the norm with high-end investors who tend to like to include infinity-edge pools, outdoor kitchens, and floor-to-ceiling glass walls in their build for maximizing ocean views.  

Costa Rica Luxury Amenities

Lavish homes showcasing a union between luxury and nature are drawing international visitors who want access to both adventure and relaxation to want to buy their own luxury property in Costa Rica. With over 70% of the country preserved in protected lands and national forests, there is no shortage of natural wonders for visitors to enjoy, and increasingly wealthy travelers are bringing with them the expectation of luxury amenities. Luxury, adventure, and sustainability coexist in Costa Rica. People with high purchasing power want to experience and explore attractions and have the comforts and services that best suit their lifestyle. High-powered people like CEOs and celebrities love Costa Rica and come here to escape their busy city lives and to relax in nature. Recently, Reese Witherspoon visited a resort in the mountains near Perez Zeledon (the biggest city in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica).  "I feel like a new person!" Reese Witherspoon wrote on Instagram after enjoying a girls' trip to Hacienda AltaGracia in the rainforests of Costa Rica. Her visit included a hike through the rainforest, swimming in the river, a visit to the spa, and sampling some local coffee. Some of Witherspoon's celeb pals reminisced about their own recent Costa Rican getaways in the comments section. "We just went—the coffee!" wrote Adam Scott. "I'm still dreaming about it all," Karlie Kloss commented. Costa Ballena is home to numerous luxury resorts and vacation rentals, which bring with them a high-end selection of wellness amenities and local sites to explore. Properties here feature spacious patios and terraces, as well as sweeping window walls that welcome the beautiful nature indoors. This is a place to take a dip in a panoramic pool or take advantage of holistic treatments for some much-needed pampering. Luxury home owners in Costa Ballena can travel here on private flights, enjoy gastronomic services of the highest level, and obtain extraordinary and unique experiences, all while having access to the latest communication technologies. Visitors to Costa Ballena are often awestruck that such a place like this can exist so far from their everyday lives. No pictures or videos can prepare you and it’s something you have to experience for yourself. The sheer presence of such nature from the unobstructed panoramic views from luxury properties in Costa Ballena is overwhelming. The incredible panoramic views make you feel like you are on the edge of nature while still basking in the excesses of comfort that civilization affords us. It’s time to make your dream luxury home in Costa Rica a reality. Tranquility awaits you. You will thank yourself later.

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