7 Reasons Why Using a Realtor Will Help You Sell Faster and for More Money in the South Pacific Costa Rica Market

May 24, 2024

7 Reasons Why Using a Realtor Will Help You Sell Faster and for More Money in the South Pacific Costa Rica Market

With over two decades of experience in South Pacific Costa Rica real estate, our Osa Tropical Properties office has heard numerous concerns about commission rates from potential property sellers. We are convinced that the value we provide as competent and experienced realtors far outweighs the commission fees and those sellers who have chosen to work with us would agree (see our testimonials page).

To be a successful realtor takes immense interpersonal skills, dedication, and perseverance in extended periods of challenging times. We also have numerous success stories from clients who initially hesitated about the commission but ended up extremely satisfied with the outcome. Properties that might have lingered on the market or sold for less when attempted to be sold privately were successfully sold at competitive prices within a reasonable timeframe when listed with our professional real estate team.

If you have been trying to sell on your own without success, or if you find that your property has been sitting stagnant for too long with another realtor, here are 7 reasons why hiring a successful real estate team can help you save big on time, stress, and money:

1. Local Market Expertise


The South Pacific Costa Rica market is unique and constantly evolving. Without an MLS or price comparison websites like Zillow and Trulia, accurately pricing your property can be challenging. A successful realtor has extensive knowledge of the local real estate market, including current trends, pricing strategies, and buyer behavior. This insight helps in setting a competitive and realistic price, which is crucial for attracting serious buyers and achieving a higher sale price.

We recently had a client who wanted to list their home for $500,000 based on what they saw online. After conducting a market analysis, our team recommended a listing price of $450,000, considering current market conditions and comparable sales. The property received multiple offers within a month and eventually sold for $475,000, which was above the asking price and closer to the initial expectation. However, it was an understanding of the market and what their perception is of pricing at this temperamental geopolitical time and positioning in the right bracket is what brought multiple competing offers, rather than pricing above their threshold and perhaps getting no offers or one that was much lower than the list price. The key is understanding the local market and tapping into their current perspectives.

2. Professional Marketing


Selling a property here requires more than just a listing. Realtors invest significantly in marketing, which includes professional photography, virtual tours, online advertising, and social media promotion. This continuous and strategic marketing is crucial to keep your property in front of potential buyers, particularly foreign investors who may take time to visit and decide.

Realtors at Osa Tropical Properties have access to a large professional network of brokers as well as international multiple listing services (MLS) that can significantly increase the visibility of your property. Without platforms like Zillow, effective marketing becomes essential. Realtors use their networks, online platforms, social media, and other marketing tools to reach a broad audience. Their ability to market the property effectively can attract more potential buyers, increasing competition and potentially driving up the sale price. Our proprietary Osa Tropical Properties database of leads is nearly 10,000 active buyers and sellers plus the viewers and followers on our many social media channels. We have nearly 2,000 YouTube subscribers with more than 500,000 total views of our channel, and our TikTok channel has 107,800 likes and more than 5 million video views. That is huge!

3. Professional Valuation and Objective Perspective


Realtors can provide a professional property valuation based on comparable sales (comps), market conditions, and their experience. This valuation can be more accurate than a seller's estimation, leading to better pricing strategies that maximize the sale price.

Selling a property can be an emotional process. A realtor provides an objective perspective, helping you make decisions based on market data and professional advice rather than emotions. An experienced realtor can also advise on or arrange for professional staging and presentation of your property that is decluttered and depersonalized. A well-presented property can stand out in a competitive market and justify a higher asking price.

A property owner tried selling their home with another realtor for several months without success. When they listed with an agent on our OTP team for the same price, our realtor staged their home in the way that we know buyers feel more welcomed (she knew that the problem was not the price but the presentation of the property). We then organized professional drone photography, videography and virtual tours, and targeted online advertising to potential buyers in North America and Europe. The improved presentation and strategic marketing attracted a serious buyer who purchased the land within 10 days of listing with us.

4. Skilled Negotiation


Negotiating a real estate deal involves more than just agreeing on a price. Experienced realtors are skilled negotiators who can handle offers, counteroffers, and closing details. They work to get you the best possible price and terms, leveraging their knowledge of the market and negotiation tactics.

In a market driven by the whim of the moment and a bureaucracy that is nearly impossible to understand, having a skilled and experienced negotiator on your side is invaluable. Great realtors in Costa Rica are experienced in handling all types of due diligence issues that arise in this market more often than not, ensuring you get the best possible deal through negotiation. 

5. Wide Network and Buyer Access


Realtors have access to a pool of potential buyers, including foreign investors and locals, who might not be reachable by an individual seller. This wider reach can result in more interested parties and better offers. They also have a network of trusted professionals, including mortgage brokers, home inspectors, appraisers, and attorneys. This network can facilitate a smoother transaction process and provide additional support when needed.

A client of Osa Tropical Properties recently had a unique eco-friendly home that was difficult to sell because of the strange layout being a negative for the wider array of buyers we have here that includes retirees and young families. Through our internal network, we connected with a group of eco-conscious investors who were specifically looking for sustainable properties and the property layout had no bearing on what they were looking for. This connection led to a sale at the asking price within a short span, something the client could not have achieved on their own.

6. Handling Paperwork and Legalities


Real estate transactions in Costa Rica involve complex legal and regulatory requirements. A realtor ensures that all documentation is handled correctly and that the transaction complies with relevant laws, reducing the risk of legal issues.

A foreign client is more than likely unaware of the requirement for a water availability certificate before selling their property. We work to ensure all necessary documents are in order before we reach the offer process, including obtaining water letters, the absence of which will often prevent a smooth transaction when the buyer conducts their due diligence. By mitigating disappointment, we have salvaged a number of more challenging deals by just having the necessary paperwork in order before garnering interest in the property.

In real estate markets like Costa Rica, where regulations, paperwork, and processes can be complex and sometimes opaque, a realtor's expertise can ensure a smoother transaction. This professional handling can prevent delays and issues that might negatively affect the sale price.

7. Time and Convenience (and Money!)


Selling a property on your own can be incredibly time-consuming and stressful. From staging the property to handling inquiries and showings, the process demands significant time and effort. A realtor takes on these responsibilities, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your life while ensuring your property is presented and marketed effectively. We are there for every showing and every event, from putting in yard signs to signing closing documents and everything in between. You will not believe the mileage on our cars!

While the commission rates might seem high, the benefits provided by a realtor often result in a higher sale price and a quicker sale. We have already established comprehensive marketing strategies, professional networking, and expert negotiation skills typically lead to a better financial outcome than what you might achieve on your own. Moreover, the time saved and the peace of mind knowing that the transaction is being handled professionally are invaluable.

While selling on your own might save on commission fees, the benefits of working with a competent and successful realtor often outweigh the costs. A realtor’s expertise, marketing capabilities, negotiation skills, and knowledge of legal requirements can lead to a faster, more profitable, and less stressful sale process. Investing in a realtor ensures that your property is presented in the best light, reaches the right buyers, and sells at the best possible price and terms, ultimately providing you with peace of mind and a better financial outcome.

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