What Sets Our Agents Apart in Costa Rica Real Estate

May 12, 2023

Everyone wants to feel like they are being represented by the best agent in Costa Rica real estate. Which is tough, largely for three reasons: a) it’s hard to find trustworthy recommendations when you are new to a place; b) you don’t know what qualifications to look for in a Costa Rica realtor; and c) almost everyone you meet seems to be a realtor (*this last one is not exactly true, but it sure feels like it sometimes). My point is that we get it. We understand how difficult it can be to select a good realtor in Costa Rica and we want you to know that we’re here for you. We understand that sometimes people are going to need to see what else is out there before they come knocking on our doors.


In admitting that, we also want to say that it’s rare that our clients leave us unsatisfied. This is because we do absolutely everything that we can to get homes and properties sold in the Costa Ballena. Our team of agents at Osa Tropical Properties has a unique set of tools, training, and spirit to get our jobs done to the highest standards. Here’s a list of a few of the key actions that we take that elevate our listings above the rest of the pack.


The Best Website in Costa Rica Real Estate


Being an independent real estate agency in Costa Rica has its perks -- one of which is that we can build our own proprietary website. We do not use the traditional website hosts for our main website. Instead, we have built one of the cleanest, most functional Costa Rica real estate websites in all of this region. We use the standard MLS sites to advertise our listings in addition to our own proprietary website in order to expand the already powerful reach of our listings. Most other agencies in this region are franchises that come with their own branded marketing tools, many of which include a very rigid website template that does not allow for extended search parameters or even the ability to upload videos. On our amazingly functional website, which we have developed from scratch over a number of years, each of our Osa Tropical Properties exclusive listing pages are given the full marketing treatment. This includes high-quality, professionally edited photos, videos, maps, and a well-written description. We care about the listings we represent and we make sure that we have the tools in stock to show them off.


Buyers love the search parameters on our well-developed site, which helps them hone in on exactly the type of property in Costa Rica they are looking for. We have built it to be like an MLS for the Costa Ballena region, which includes Ojochal, Uvita, Dominical and the surrounding communities. We update our inventory of listings regularly, reviewing them for quality, price, and other details. What separates us from a traditional MLS is that we don’t list properties that we wouldn’t want to show to our clients, depending on variables like price, location, and amenities. This leaves us with listings of hundreds of the very best properties for sale in our region of South Pacific Costa Rica.


High-end Technical Equipment


To go further into the details of our audio-visual department, we invest in our tools regularly. We know how important photos and videos are for communicating the story of your property for sale in Costa Rica. Buyers are not just looking at homes and lots. They want to know what the experience feels like to be on your property and living in this environment.


To communicate visually as best as we can, our camera arsenal includes a professional camera with wide angle lens, a 360 camera, a drone for pictures and video, and a hand camera with gimbal for inside videos. Each of these cameras is used to capture different experiences of the property, through stills, from the air, or in-action shots. We also have additional lenses, lights, microphones, camera mounts, and tripods to help us get the job done right. The most crucial part to note is that, not only do we know how to use our equipment, we do so regularly and abundantly for each of our exclusive listings. Sometimes we will even film videos at open listings we really love, knowing that our buyers will love, too. Basically, we are well-equipped and eager to show off properties for sale in the Costa Ballena.


Social Media Savvy


Not only do we use the right physical equipment. We also are quite savvy with our social skills. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn …you will find us everywhere our buyers are. A lot of our buyers are spending most of their online time on these channels. We know this because we study our social media analytics. We study our audience and adapt our content to match the needs of people visiting our website and social media accounts. Because as good as our content may be, we know that the content we create is no good if we don’t share it with the right people. Therefore, we spend time every day updating our accounts with shareable posts that our audience is going to appreciate and enjoy. We like to share a good mix of practical, helpful, and funny posts about Costa Rica so that nobody gets bored. And we are proud to see our likes and follows growing every day, knowing that our sellers love us for it when they see our Facebook post of their property and a big ‘sold’ sign over it.


Sharing Stories


Our team at Osa Tropical Properties genuinely values good storytelling. We love to imagine an experience described by a storyteller, imagining what it would be feel to live in the story’s world. We are sure that many people feel the same way. In fact, many of our newest clients find us through one of our stories about Costa Rica. They may have found us by reading one of our article's describing what it's like to wake up in the jungle, or after watching one of our video interviews with an expat business owners. Our goal as ‘Costa Rica storytellers’ is to take the time to cultivate in your mind a full experience of what it’s like to actually live here day to day. Even investors and developers need to be able to imagine how their business interests in Costa Rica will develop and we are here to fill those gaps in understanding by painting a full, detailed picture based on experiences and pertinent anecdotes.


On top of practical information like monthly market reports, new listings, price reductions, and reporting sold listings, we also write a weekly blog entry with helpful and entertaining topics like ‘how to make friends in the Costa Ballena at any age’ or ‘A beginner’s guide to health care in Costa Rica’. We use video to tell stories, too, like Marcia Oro’s YouTube series, The Fountain of Youth. In it, OTP realtor, Marcia, documents her journey towards living a healthy and vibrant life in Costa Rica that includes visits to local health and beauty clinics and interviews with practitioners. By using a variety of tools and mediums to share stories about Costa Rica, we are reaching a wide audience of people who are enthusiastic about life in the land of pura vida.


Our Clients


Over time, we have built a number of client databases over a variety of platforms. Our most prized of these is our CRM database. These are the people who have found us organically. Maybe they found us by searching Google for properties or content related to Costa Rica. Or perhaps we met them somewhere in our travels or day to day lives and offered to sign them on to receive periodic market updates about real estate in South Pacific Costa Rica. They also might be sellers who wandered into our office after seeing one of our magazine ads; or someone who has been referred to us by a past client. We do everything we can to give our clients the helpful information that they want and deserve to get, no matter if they are buyers and sellers. Everyone has their own needs and those people who trust us to work with us exclusively get detailed and personalized treatment from their dedicated Osa Tropical Properties agent. This means that our exclusive sellers will have full exposure over a number of mediums, including ensuring that every other real estate broker's website is advertising your property. And every buyer will have access to the full breadth of our in-depth knowledge about all things related to real estate and living in Costa Rica.


Our Team


We are not going to beat around the bush with you on this one: our most valuable asset is our teamwork. We know how important it is to be able to bounce ideas around with colleagues while maintaining a healthy level of competition. In this spirit, we meet as a team every week to discuss the trends that we are seeing in the local and wider real estate markets. Our agents, broker, administrator, and marketing department meet to go over the details of the week that just passed and our goals for the week ahead. We share key details about new listings we are taking, what properties we are showing, who we are showing listings to, and discuss how our listings are progressing.


We have weekly meetings regularly and ritually to open the floor for more ideas. By comparing notes we help each other create solutions for any problems we may be encountering and we offer one another encouragement to keep pushing for more and better ways. It is also important to our office culture to celebrate our successes and achievements as a team. The better our team mates do, the better the team does altogether. In all of these ways, the close and trusting bond we share has been tended over time and it makes for a great support system that gives us strength to put our maximum effort into promoting our exclusive listings.


Are you ready to test out the OTP way? We are ready for you. We work for this every day and we guarantee that we will promote your property or represent you as a property-hunter in a truly expert capacity. We welcome you to read through dozens of glowing testimonials from our past clients and ask around the local community: Osa Tropical Properties is one of the hottest teams in Costa Rica real estate right now! Big brands are not always the best choice to represent you. Email our office to learn more about what we can do that’s right for you: sales@osatropicalproperties.com


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