The 5 Types of Expats Who Most Enjoy Living in Costa Rica

May 13, 2023 in Real Estate in Costa Rica, Life in Costa Rica, Tips for Buyers

The 5 Types of Expats Who Most Enjoy Living in Costa Rica

Which type are you? Continue reading to find out... When polling our friends, neighbors, and clients, it is apparent that most people fall in love with living in Costa Rica because of the animals. Whether it’s the precocious capuchin monkey troupes crossing the canopies above our yards, or the sloth that visits every couple of weeks to munch on some leaves. There are almost countless wild reasons to fall in love with life in Costa Rica! Of the people who make it here to appreciate the tropical splendor, there are five types of expats who come to Costa Rica and immediately find a connection with the landscape and the lifestyle. See if any of the below animal avatars might match your expat expectations!

The Monkey (a.k.a. The Expat Family)

Monkeys symbolize intelligence, community, curiosity, and untamed nature. They represent both seriousness and charm. They are very expressive and all about living in the moment. The Monkey-type expats are adventurous, love to explore, and always take their family with them. They are constantly seeking the right environment to live their best life and they are always taking chances. Monkey-Expats are trailblazers and will tell their friends about the great places they have explored. They are not interested in making the safest choices and they’d rather take the chance of moving on to a better place.

The Sloth (a.k.a. Digital Nomads/Solopreneurs)

Sloths are mostly shy, solitary animals with relaxed and easygoing personalities. A sloth enjoy the small pleasures of life and are fairly worry-free, living a predominantly nomadic lifestyle. The key thing about sloths is that they spend their time and energy wisely which makes them highly successful. Sloth-type expats cycle through their favorite places and when they arrive at the next stop on their trail, they get straight to work! They are slow-moving go-getters who make their own way through life. They do things for their own benefit and don’t waste too much energy trying to please anyone else. Once they set their minds on doing something their excitement goes up and they do what they need to achieve their goals.

The Tree Frog (a.k.a. Retirees)

Costa Rica’s tree frogs go through various stages of metamorphosis throughout their lives. It changes environments throughout its life and changes shape to fit them. It is a symbol of sharing wisdom and knowledge. Frog-type expats are all about pushing negativity out of their lives by shifting their environment to suit their next evolution. Frogs like stability but they also want adventure. They like to be social and to have close access to activities that they enjoy.

The Dolphin (a.k.a. The Second Home Owners/Snowbirds)

Dolphins exhibit strong social bonds and caring behavior towards their own species and others, although they are careful not to put themselves at risk. They are masters of being in two worlds at once, sharing their generous spirits without the need to please anyone. Dolphin-type expats are planners who want to build connections wherever they go. They will weather through hard work and a challenging lifestyle with joy and ease if it means they can achieve what they want. Dolphins love to socialize and to spend as much time as they can visiting their favorite places and people. They are looking to live a life full of adventure, culture, and freedom.

The Hummingbird (a.k.a. The Property Investor)

The hummingbird is a powerful albeit tiny symbol for total enjoyment. They look for the sweetness in life wherever they go and are fully immersed in their daily endeavors. Hummingbirds are capable of amazing feats like traveling great distances to get what they want. Hummingbird-type expats who buy property in Costa Rica are less about expatriating somewhere else and more about sampling the sweetness here and there and then moving on, sharing those riches with whoever comes along next. They respond quickly to the world around them and are very resilient. Hummingbird-types are endlessly seeking the best investments for their energy and they will work tirelessly to extract the sweetest moments from the best tropical locations.

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