January 12, 2024

Costa Ballena, Costa Rica Real Estate Market Report for 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of global real estate, Costa Rica stands out as a beacon of opportunity and stability. The year 2023 has unfolded new chapters in the Costa Rican property market, which continues to captivate a diverse array of international buyers. This report delves into the transformative journey of the Costa Rican real estate sector, juxtaposing the latest data from the final quarter of 2023 and the entire year with the remarkable trends observed in 2022.

The year 2022 was a watershed moment in international real estate, particularly influencing the flow of investments towards Costa Rica. A confluence of push factors emanating from regions like the United States, Canada, and Europe significantly altered the landscape. These included stringent pandemic restrictions, escalating concerns over neighborhood safety, burdensome property taxes, and soaring property values that prompted asset liquidation. Additionally, geopolitical undercurrents, primarily the looming threats of war, further nudged investors and families towards safer havens.

Amidst these global upheavals, Costa Rica emerged not just as a refuge but as a realm of opportunities. The nation's intrinsic pull factors – its serene environment, rich natural tapestry, and tranquil lifestyle – continued to attract traditional investors such as retirees and second-home buyers. These buyers typically sought vacation homes that doubled as part-time investment ventures through rental income. However, 2022 witnessed a novel wave of demographic interest. Young families, driven by a desire to forge a life amidst nature's tranquility, and high-net-worth individuals from the tech and digital sectors, empowered by the burgeoning trend of remote work, found a new haven in Costa Rica.

As we transitioned into 2023, the momentum of this 'buying frenzy' experienced certain moderations. Various factors, which will be comprehensively explored in this report, contributed to a recalibration of the market dynamics. However, it is crucial to understand that these shifts do not signify a downturn but rather a natural evolution of a vibrant market.


This market report is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended as investment advice. The data and analyses presented in this report are based on current market trends and are subject to change. Potential buyers and sellers are advised to conduct their own research and consult with professional advisors before making any real estate investment decisions. The authors and publishers of this report do not assume responsibility for any financial losses or other damages resulting from decisions made based on the information provided herein.




Costa Ballena Real Estate Market Report Statistics 2023/2024


The Costa Ballena real estate market has experienced significant fluctuations over the past few years. While 2022 was an exceptional year, the market in 2023 has shown signs of recalibration, reflecting a more sustainable pace. This section presents key statistics to provide buyers and sellers with a comprehensive understanding of the market trends.


Total Sales in Costa Ballena by Year


In 2023, the total sales in Costa Ballena were $103 million, a significant decrease from the $156 million in 2022, but still higher than the $90 million in 2021 when tourism to Costa Rica reopened in April. This decline from 2022 is indicative of a market normalization following an outlier year.

  • Average Property Value: In 2023, the average property value in Costa Ballena decreased by 7.14% from the previous year.
  • Total Value of Sales: There was a 33.9% drop in the total value of sales.
  • Number of Deals: The number of real estate transactions decreased by 28.9%.

The Costa Rican market in 2023 experienced a year of contrasts. The year began with momentum, riding on the highs of late 2021 and 2022. However, the market witnessed a slowdown in the middle of the year, before picking up again towards the end. This fluctuation is reflected in the list-to-sold ratio, which decreased from 94.1% in the first quarter to 90.3% in the last quarter of 2023.

2023 saw numerous price reductions, particularly in overvalued listings, marking a necessary adjustment to more realistic market values. This trend, continuing into the high season of 2024, indicates a market recalibration following the post-pandemic sales surge and the subsequent impacts of higher interest rates, inflation, and a fluctuating dollar-to-Colón exchange rate.

Despite these adjustments, high-value investments continue to thrive in the Costa Rican market. There is a notable trend towards acquiring large tracts of land, either for exclusive, high-end private retreats or for ambitious development projects. This indicates sustained confidence among high-net-worth investors in the long-term potential of Costa Rica’s real estate market.


Property Type-Specific Trends

  • Residential Properties: Average values for houses and condos decreased by 5.31% and 12.18% respectively.
  • Land and Farms: In contrast, average sales values for land and farms increased by 8.33% and 132.8% respectively.
  • Commercial Properties: The number of commercial property transactions halved compared to 2022, with the total value of deals down by nearly 20%.

These statistics indicate a market that is adjusting after the exceptional year of 2022. For sellers, it suggests a need to align prices with current market conditions to attract discerning buyers. For buyers, the market presents opportunities, particularly in residential properties and select land and farm segments. Despite the dip in total sales, Costa Ballena's real estate market continues to show strength and potential, making it an attractive destination for both domestic and international investors.


OTP Office Market Share

Osa Tropical Properties has maintained a stable market share, with 19.22% in 2023, slightly down from 19.7% in 2022. This consistency, amidst a growing number of realtors and real estate offices in the region, underscores our team's resilience and effectiveness.

Our Coronado office, located near Ojochal, has experienced a notable increase in walk-in clients and inquiries via email and phone. This trend reflects growing interest in living and investing in Costa Rica. The office's successful digital marketing expansion across platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram has broadened its reach, shifting focus from just property tours to a comprehensive portrayal of the Costa Ballena region's lifestyle and community. With over 8 years of dedicated social media effort, the office has seen significant growth in viewership and engagement, enhancing its influence and opening new channels of inquiries beyond traditional methods. The client testimonials further solidify the office's reputation as a trusted partner in Costa Rican real estate.




Costa Ballena Market Focus: Analyzing Trends and Market Dynamics


Costa Ballena, one of the top tourist destinations in Costa Rica, is known for its boutique real estate market. This market is characterized by a limited supply of properties, which includes luxury homes and small lots, creating a unique environment for real estate investments.


Market Dynamics

Sales have slightly declined but remain robust compared to the post-COVID spike in 2021. The market has not experienced drastic changes, maintaining its stability. The Costa Ballena area predominantly features boutique properties, with a limited number of condos and luxury homes available at any given time. Despite a minor drop in some property prices, the market remains substantially stable.


Investment Opportunities and Challenges

  • Rental Properties: The primary investment focus in Costa Ballena is rental properties. These range from luxury homes to affordable accommodations, catering to various budgets. High rental demand ensures profitability for investors.
  • Jungle View Properties: There is a growing interest in jungle view properties, which offer a unique and dynamic natural scenery, as opposed to the static ocean views. These properties are more affordable and less explored by investors.
  • Limited Space for Expansion: Due to its geographical location and environmental considerations, Costa Ballena has limited space for large-scale developments, preserving its boutique nature.


Unique Market Features

  • No Rush to Sell: Property owners in Costa Ballena are not in a hurry to sell, as they can continue earning rental income during the selling process.
  • Low Overhead Costs: The region boasts low insurance costs, property taxes, and general expenses, further enhancing the attractiveness of real estate investment.


Lifestyle and Tourism Appeal

  • Authenticity and Diversity: Costa Ballena is celebrated for its authentic Costa Rican experience, offering a blend of local culture, food, and natural beauty.
  • Wildlife and Natural Attractions: The area is renowned for its diverse wildlife, including its Marino Ballena national park (Whale’s Tail), beautiful beaches, and adventure tourism opportunities.

Costa Ballena continues to be a robust and stable real estate market, offering unique opportunities for investors, especially in rental properties and under-explored segments like jungle view real estate. The blend of natural beauty, tourism appeal, and a steady market makes it an attractive location for both investment and lifestyle purposes.




Trends and Insights from Osa Tropical Properties Realtors


Key Property Features in 2023: Prioritizing Privacy and Views

In 2023, our realtors at Osa Tropical Properties observed distinct preferences in property features, with privacy and ocean views topping the list. Acreage, competitive pricing, and accessible roads also ranked high in buyer considerations. These preferences reflect a growing desire for secluded, picturesque properties that offer a blend of tranquility and convenience.


Popular Price Ranges and Property Types

The most sought-after price range among buyers was between $500,000 and $600,000, indicating a market sweet spot for quality properties offering value for money. While the majority of budgets remained under $1 million, there was a noticeable inclination towards single-family homes. Interestingly, the hotel sector experienced a slowdown, underscoring a shift in investor focus towards residential properties.


Deal Dynamics: A Shift from 2022's Pace

The transaction pace in 2023 diverged from the rapid closings seen in 2022. Many buyers were contingent on selling existing assets or securing financing, leading to elongated deal timelines. Additionally, regulatory hurdles like obtaining water letters, particularly in areas like Tres Rios, parts of Uvita, and Platanillo, posed challenges for land development. This underscores the importance of knowledgeable realtors who can navigate these complexities and identify viable properties.


Growing European Interest in Costa Rican Real Estate

There has been an increasing trend of Europeans seeking retirement options in Costa Rica, attracted by its tranquility and comparative affordability, depending on their country of origin. Notably, expatriates from the UK, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, and Germany are showing a growing interest in the South Pacific region of Costa Rica.


Impact of US Presidential Elections on Investment Decisions

We are one year before the next US presidential election and it's crucial to consider the historical patterns observed during such periods. Times leading up to US elections often see a deceleration in real estate market activities, particularly among US residents. Elections bring about political and economic uncertainty and the US election cycle's influence extends beyond its borders. US investors are a significant demographic in the Costa Rican property market, and their investment patterns are influenced by domestic political climates.

Potential investors during this pre-election time tend to adopt a 'wait and see' approach, gauging the political landscape before committing to significant financial decisions like real estate investments. The outcomes of elections can influence policies that directly or indirectly impact the real estate market, including tax laws, foreign investment regulations, and economic stability.

While some investors choose to wait, others see this period as an opportunity. With less competition and a potential for more negotiable prices, informed investors can find unique opportunities, especially in markets like Costa Rica, which offer a different set of economic and lifestyle benefits.


The Cost of Hesitation: Missed Opportunities

Potential buyers who delayed decision-making in 2023 often found their preferred properties sold. This contrasted with the urgency of 2022, leading to a more cautious approach in 2023. However, this caution often resulted in restarting the search process, highlighting the need for timely decision-making in a dynamic market.


Land Availability and Pricing: Current Market Snapshot

As of now, the availability of land in key areas like Uvita is extremely limited, with no lots under $100,000 and only one commercial lot at this price point. In Ojochal, the situation is similar. For a one-acre ocean view lot with privacy and proximity to amenities, the starting price is around $135,000, requiring additional investment for landscaping to enhance privacy. More ideally located lots with privacy and ocean views are priced upwards of $200,000, nearing $250,000 for larger acreages.


The Unique Appeal of Costa Rica: Investing in Nature and Quality of Life

Costa Rica's real estate market offers a unique proposition – the opportunity to invest in nature. Amidst a global audience increasingly willing to pay a premium for environmentally-conscious living spaces, Costa Rica's natural beauty and commitment to conservation become significant draws. While the cost of living in Costa Rica may be higher compared to its regional neighbors, it is offset by an unparalleled quality of life, making it an attractive destination for discerning investors.




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Whether you're considering buying, selling, or simply exploring the possibilities in this beautiful region, our team is here to offer you the insights and support you need. We understand the nuances of the Costa Ballena real estate market and are committed to guiding you through every step of your journey.

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