If I could name my favorite place in the world, it would be the small village of Ojochal in South Pacific Costa Rica. No matter how many places you may have visited or lived in the world, Ojochal moves people. It draws us in with its simple charms and minimalism. We are reduced to our primal selves, appreciating nature and its many wonders with full attention.

Escape burdensome routines

Many of us grow tired over time of our daily routines. We become worn from the pressures of sticking to deadlines and keeping up with the Joneses. Buying the latest gadgets and competing with our friends for who has the best quality of life stops feeling so important. Something inside of us calls us to find a different way to live. We know that it’s out there. And for those of us who feel adventurous enough, it is from this place of wanting “something more” that we begin our travels to find the place that feels like home.

Some of us are called to Ojochal by a very direct path. Costa Rica’s natural wonders and rich culture make this nation a dream destination on more than a few bucket lists. Those who specifically visit our small coastal region called the Costa Ballena ⁠— where the mountains meet the sea ⁠— quite often fall deeply in love with the spirit of this land and community. They continue to return, holiday after holiday, extending the duration of their stay until it only makes sense to own their own home in Ojochal. Even those who can only stay for part of the year are able to enjoy the rental income that this growing eco-tourism destination affords.

Getting to Ojochal by the scenic route

Those who find us after searching all over the world know that there is no place like Ojochal. You can live here how you want, feeling complete freedom to be yourself. This is a tranquil, serene culture and the home of pura vida. The essence of this phrase is embodied in the unpredictable yet consistent waves on our pristine beaches; in the relaxed but hardworking people; and in the flowing manner by which nature and humanity live together.

It doesn’t matter how long it took us to get here. We feel privileged to live amidst the jungle’s rivers, waterfalls and its magical display of wildlife in the here and now. It is the most simple indulgence to walk the grounds of our green properties, taking in the gentle and beautiful routines of the nature that surrounds us.

Fantastic flowers and their intoxicating smells are only some of the many wonders that Ojochal exhibits. In the thick, green carpet covering much of our foothills are paths that will take you to secluded waterfalls that look like they’ve never been seen by anyone else before. Or to a breathtaking lookout spot where you can see to the horizon from the Osa Peninsula in the south to the Whale’s Tail in the north. Birds of multi-colored plumage and monkey troupes with howls as loud as jet engines parade across the jungle’s canopy. We have almost every luxury here ⁠— stores, spas, clinics, first-class restaurants, high-speed internet. But spending time in the lush nature at our doorsteps is a daily reminder to breathe deeply in gratitude. Fresh air is plentiful here.

A one-of-a-kind community in Ojochal

When it all boils down, we love Ojochal for its exceptional community. This area has its history in purposeful development while keeping Costa Rica’s strong environmental ethics in mind. It hasn’t always been perfect but today Ojochal is a Blue Flag community with goals for continued improvement. We work collectively as a community to ensure the maintenance of our roads, schools and services. And we have recently grown an exciting number of new businesses that serve the whole of our international population. We are proud of every accomplishment that we make and we celebrate our successes together.

What we really do best is support one another in our ideals and attempts. There are a number of groups and forums that help us stay connected to our local community. We easily learn about the many classes, get togethers and volunteer opportunities that occur regularly. Each of us came here to live a better life and we know that teamwork makes the dream work.

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