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Exploring the Prospects of Short-Term and Long-Term Rentals in Costa Ballena, Costa Rica

When considering real estate in Ballena, Costa Rica, potential buyers are presented with the opportunity to explore two different rental options for their vacation home purchase: that is, using it for short-term rentals (STRs) or long-term rentals (LTRs). Both options have their unique benefits and considerations, catering to different types of clients and their specific…

Sun, Surf, and ROI: The Ultimate Guide to a Profitable Investment Property in Tropical Costa Rica


Welcome to the tropical paradise of Costa Rica, where lush rainforests, golden beaches, and a vibrant culture create an ideal setting for property investment. If you are eager to unlock the secrets to successful property investment in this enchanting Central American country, this article will delve into the insider tips and strategies that can help…

Owning An Airbnb in Costa Rica: Is It A Good Investment Strategy?


Owning a vacation rental Airbnb in Costa Rica is an investment strategy that many of our clients are considering in 2022. But is it really a good strategy with a strong return on investment? We talked to three property managers to get the full scoop on investing in South Pacific Costa Rica’s vacation rentals market….