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Santa Teresa or Uvita: Which Destination Is Best?


Whether you’re just planning on visiting Costa Rica or you are thinking about moving here, you might be asking yourself: should I go to Santa Teresa or Uvita? You’ve possibly heard that places in Guanacaste, like Tamarindo and Nosara, are densely populated and experience months of drought every year. And both Uvita and Santa Teresa…

Hawaii or Costa Rica: Which Is A Better Choice For You?


There is a shift in priorities and opportunities happening in our world and people are spending more time considering where they would love to call home. With more options to work from home as well as changes in politics or simply growing tired of “the weather,” relaxed tropical locations with stable politics and infrastructure are…

Demystifying Common Terms Used In Real Estate in Costa Rica


Demystifying Common Terms Used In Real Estate in Costa Rica There are many terms that are unique to Costa Rica and this is especially true when it comes to real estate. If you are interested in the possibility of purchasing real estate in Costa Rica, it is helpful to know the correct terminology to succeed…

What It’s Like to Travel to Costa Rica in November-December 2020


Although we are still deep in pandemic times around the world, borders have opened for travel to Costa Rica and people are flying in. There is much precaution being taken but Costa Rica, amongst other tourism-dependent nations, has chosen to reopen borders to help their struggling economy. Cases continue to plateau, remaining concentrated around the…