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Demystifying Common Terms Used In Real Estate in Costa Rica


Demystifying Common Terms Used In Real Estate in Costa Rica There are many terms that are unique to Costa Rica and this is especially true when it comes to real estate. If you are interested in the possibility of purchasing real estate in Costa Rica, it is helpful to know the correct terminology to succeed…

Interview With Jeff Steffe, Builder in Costa Rica — Part 2: Timelines, Budgets, Materials, and More

Continuing along with last week’s interview with Costa Ballena builder, Jeff Steffe, this week we take a more in-depth look into timelines, budgets, materials, and more important information about construction in Costa Rica. Click here to read part one of this interview that gives a general overview about construction in Costa Rica. Getting more into…

An Interview With Builder Jeff Steffe in Costa Ballena, Part 1: Popular Types of Construction in Costa Rica


Interested in renovation or new construction in Costa Rica? This week, we are featuring part one of a two part interview series with Jeff Steffe, owner of the full-service construction management company, Figure 8 Management, out of Uvita, Costa Rica. Stay tuned for part 2 with Jeff next week where he addresses building options, costs,…