We all know that Costa Rica is the great escape that we have all been looking for amidst a tumultuous past few years. People are burnt out and they want to be in a place that is tranquil, friendly, and beautiful. But do we all know where the best areas are to buy in Costa Rica and why? Or how to price a property so that it can sell in a short amount of time? 

Osa Tropical Properties is the expert real estate team to list your property because we are the top real estate company that is focused on the region of Costa Ballena. Since 2005, Osa Tropical Properties realtors have helped hundreds of people buy and sell their dream properties in Costa Rica. We have seen the market twist and turn in all of those years but the whole time our fingers have remained on the pulse of what is happening in our domain of Costa Ballena real estate. We find the properties that our buyers want and we help our sellers sell fast and for top dollar with our killer marketing strategy. 

About Our Team

As an independent real estate company, we have to work hard to make our brand visible and to have it stick in people’s minds so that when they are ready to enter the Costa Ballena real estate market, as a buyer or a seller, we are top of mind. We do this by putting out the content that our market wants to see across a number of channels and by having the BEST website in our region of service.

The South Pacific region of Costa Rica that we service is known as Costa Ballena. It consists of the towns of Dominical, Uvita, and Ojochal, as well as their surrounding communities. This burgeoning region of Costa Rica is barely featured in the top 10 most popular destinations in the country to visit or live. However, those in the know understand why the number of properties for sale in this lesser-known region of Costa Ballena has grown by more than 10% since the start of the year, or why the average value of homes in Costa Ballena that sold in this area went from $429,000 in 2021 to $867,000 in 2022. This area’s real estate market is hot and it is likely to only get hotter.

We sell residential homes, luxury vacation rentals, farms, vacant land, commercial properties, and everything in between. We work hard to reverse engineer how to find the ideal buyer for the properties we represent. We have sold hundreds of properties in Ojochal, Uvita, and Dominical since 2005 and we know exactly how to find the right buyer for your unique property. 

Osa Tropical Properties’ Marketing Strategy

Our proven marketing strategy involves reaching our audience through a combination of organic and paid techniques. Our team of professionals create a variety of unique daily content across our website and social media channels that is keyword rich and gets us organic leads from natural clients who are already searching for real estate in Ojochal, Uvita, Dominical, and the surrounding areas. We focus on this one region with our regular content creation and work to create numerous touch points that clients will encounter regularly in their daily routines.

This includes:

  • Daily social media posts and comment engagement (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, GMB, Reddit)
  • Daily forum engagement on social media and other travel and real estate forums (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, GMB, Reddit)
  • At least once weekly new videos released on YouTube (Property walkthroughs, location videos, event videos, interviews, client testimonials, etc). Also released on our other social media channels.
  • Weekly touch points with our business client database of over 6500 qualified leads. This includes a newsletter with a weekly market report, informative article, listing features, video tours, and more)
  • Providing our clients with Competitive Market Analyses for the listings they want to sell or buy. This involves detailed research into similar listings that are currently on the market and those that have recently sold.
  • Quarterly Market Reports for our clients and readers featuring market breakdowns from Dominical, Uvita, and Ojochal. These reports plus our individual Competitive Market Analysis are how we determine what to price the listings we represent as well as why types of offers to make and accept for our clients. We cover a wide variety of characteristics in these reports and take into account the differences in region, view, amenities, privacy, and so much more.
  • Irregular segmented campaigns to our OTP database featuring listings for sale that are targeted to the client based on their client profiles (client profiles are automatically updated regularly due to our client database management software based on the lead’s activity on our website).

Our paid lead generation schemes include bimonthly advertising in Ballena Tales Magazine and twice annual features in Costa Rica Real Estate Magazine. We also have over 50 physical real estate signs positioned around the coastal communities of Costa Ballena that have QR codes that allow for easy contact points.

Osa Tropical Properties is a part of a number of international conferences and other long-tail lead magnet events and partnerships that include referral schemes with businesses around Costa Rica and globally.

Our Flagship Website

Our OTP website traffic is significant for being one of the only independent real estate companies in this region and the top company for web traffic (of those solely focusing on the Southern Zone of Costa Rica). We are ranked number 32 in all of Costa Rica in the category of ‘Business and Consumer Services – Real Estate in Costa Rica’ and our flagship website – www.osatropicalproperties.com – is the #1 website for real estate in Costa Ballena according to the web traffic monitor, Similar Web.

The top 10 real estate websites in this region rated by global traffic (according to Similar Web) are:

  1. Osa Tropical Properties (Global Rank 2,164,007)
  2. Dominical Realty/ColdwellBanker (Global Rank 2,188,188)
  3. Palms Realty (Global Rank 2,699,741)
  4. Dominical Real Estate (Global Rank 3,193,308)
  5. Dominical Property (Global Rank 4,216,933)
  6. Blue Zone Realty (Global Rank 9,082,320)
  7. JJ Properties (Global Rank 9,698,010)
  8. Century 21 Ballena Properties (Global Rank 10,149,531)
  9. We Sell Paradise RE/MAX (Global Rank 15,315,784)
  10. Vida Realty (Global Rank 15,865,565)

There are other real estate websites in the region that do not register on this website as their Google Analytics traffic shows less than 5,000 website page views per month. 

Osa Tropical Properties website is also ranked higher than many notable Costa Rica-wide real estate companies like Krain Costa Rica and RE.cr.

According to Google Analytics, our OTP website traffic for the past year (November 2021 – November 2022) shows:

Users: 164,615 (451 per day on average)
Pageviews: 1,704,502 (4,670 per day on average)

Why List With Osa Tropical Properties

Listing with competent agents means that you will sell your home faster and for more money. Commission is a lot of money to pay out when you sell but you are still most likely to sell your Costa Ballena property faster than you would if you didn’t have a good agent driving the market.

Year-after-year, our sales have increased by:

2019: $11,790,000 (32 properties sold)
2020: $3,699,000 (13 properties sold)
2021: $18,055,400 (64 properties sold)
2022 so far: $30,988,700 (79 properties sold) with over $7 million in pending deals as 18 properties are set to close with our office in the next month.

“Well, another agent said they can get me much more…”

We Costa Rica realtors all have access to the same data so if someone is promising you much more than one of our agents, it is worthwhile to ask yourself if they have a motive. What seems too good to be true probably is too good to be true.

OTP listings sell for an average of 94% of asking price and our team are proven to be near the mark, selling the majority of our listings within 6 months of the listing date thanks to our proven marketing strategy.

We appreciate all of our readers for the opportunity to let you know about what our team can do for you. We know you have a lot of choices in real estate professionals locally, and we are honored and thrilled to have the chance to talk to you about how we can sell your home for top dollar in the shortest amount of time. Please let us know if you have any questions in the comments below.

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