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Rustic Cabin on Acreage with Mountain and Ocean Views

For Sale
$175,000 US

If tranquility is the setting you seek, this is the place, in the foothills of the Cordillera de Talamanca mountain range, which lines the incredible…

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ID: 5298Type: House, Lot/LandTown: cortes 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom 1 Garage600 Sq ft 2020 26845 m2 6.63 Acres

Farm With a Pristine Jungle Ocean View and Rivers

For Sale
$799,000 US

Located in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and the Paseo de la Dante Biological corridor you will be surrounded by primary and secondary rainforest,  These reserves account for at…

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ID: 4429CType: Lot/LandTown: Tinamastes 69,161 m2 17.09 Acres 6.9 Hectares

3 Spectacular Ocean View Farms in Uvita

For Sale
$5,000,000 US

The three exceptional farms span across rolling, jungle covered hills that tower above the crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean below – can you imagine…

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ID: 5353CType: Lot/LandTown: Uvita 1116932 m2 276 Acres 111 Hectares

River Side Lot in “Stairway to the Stars”

$89,000 US

This gorgeous riverside property is part of a peaceful mountain community of Tres Rios called “Stairway to the Stars”. The spacious 2.2 acre property has…

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ID: 9581CType: Lot/LandTown: Tres Rios 8901.14 m2 2.2 Acres 0.89 Hectares