As the ecological navel of the planet, Costa Rica and its government’s protectionist environmental policies allow for the earth here to provide us with most if not all of the needs for a healthy human lifestyle.  Fresh air, water and food are plentiful in this land of lush, green jungles, pristine beaches, clean oceans, lakes and rivers, long mountain passes and nearly 5% of the earth’s biodiversity.

The native super foods that grow on this land are so full of vitamins, minerals and enzymes that many have taken to believing that this is a land of miracle cures.  Many expats have been planting their roots here for years with the aim of improving their health and wellbeing, and many have found remarkable success.  Some forward thinking doctors support the practice of a change in lifestyle to improve health, and there are few places in the world that afford the opportunities for retreat available in Costa Rica.

Fresh foods

Costa Rica naturally grows some of the most healthful foods in the world. The soil here is so fertile that many non-native plants have taken to this region, too.  The important point to capture is that this land is so abundantly productive that commercial chemicals and farming methods are not necessary, meaning that small farms and home gardens are common and produce successful year-round harvests.

Some of the most notable heavy hitters that grow naturally and abundantly here (and very few other places in the world) are green coconuts, noni fruit, reishi mushroom, guanabana (sour sop) and moringa.  These are the foods that people come here to thrive on and many have reported (albeit anecdotally) that their cancer has gone into remission or that they have combatted other cell-degenerative diseases using these holistic foods.

Young, green coconuts are found being sold inexpensively at most convergence points in Costa Rica; places like village entrances and beaches.  Fresh coconut water is incredibly hydrating and has been long used both traditionally and scientifically for it’s anti-aging, anti-carcinogenic, and anti-thrombotic properties.

Noni fruit trees grow wild in the jungles of South Pacific Costa Rica and has significant immune boosting effects.  It is popularly used therapeutically in the fight against cancer in its concentrated fermented form, although many enjoy a daily boost from the fresh fruit in a smoothie or juice.

Nicknamed “King of mushrooms,” Reishi is a non-toxic fungus that is used to treat aches, pains, allergies, digestive issues and infections.  It possesses powerful anti-inflammatory properties and boosts immune function and mental clarity.

Guanabana has long been revered by Latin American and Asian cultures for ameliorating heart disease, asthma, liver problems, arthritis, sleep disorders, and more.  Many independent laboratory tests have shown that the leaves and stems of the tree have destroyed cancer cells, although double-blind tests have not yet been conducted. 

Native to Africa and Asia, moringa was first imported to Costa Rica’s North Pacific coast decades ago for ornamental purposes because it thrives is tropical red clay soils and dry conditions, but its uses are far more than decorative.  Moringa is one of the most nutrient-complete natural substances and it is touted to be a potential tool for fighting global starvation because it can also be harvested year round.  And as a bonus, its seeds can be used to purify water.

Fresh water

In most of our communities in the South Pacific zone of Costa Rica, spring and well water are the norm, fed to us through pristine mountain rivers that flow for the whole of the year.  It is rare that we run out of water in this region and most homes have water tanks to back up their water systems.  This fresh water can be and is drunk straight from the tap by most people who love the taste and the effects of drinking this mineral-rich water, with high concentrations of calcium and magnesium. 

Fresh air

Although car pollution is a major problem in Costa Rica, this is not so much the case in the Southern Zone.  The population here is still small and largely rural and the expats that make up a large percentage of the local communities will typically have newer, lower-emissions vehicles.  Rarely will you be held up in traffic, infrequently due to the slowing of vehicles waiting for the lazy sloth to make his way across the road?  Why did he cross it?  I guess he thought it was beautiful on the other side, too.  Driving on our roads is to feel the wind blowing in your hair while you cruise peacefully on the wide, paved, well-maintained roads, lined on both sides with lush jungle and incredible beaches and views.  Living in this way is truly a breath of fresh air.

Your well being

You may be accustomed to going to the gym.  Sure, we’ve got fully-equipped gyms here, too.  We also have a multitude of outdoor yoga pavilions overlooking mountain passes, miles of beach full of soft sand and colorful sea shells, incredible surf for all levels, and a community of open-minded people who yearn to experience the fullness of life and partake regularly in all manner of mind, body and spirit expansion and enhancement.  Healers and practitioners of all styles of medicine, both ancient and modern, populate this region of Costa Rica, where the environment inspires us to feel more connection to nature and to our bodies.  This is a land where you want to feel your best because it is a land that offers you its best.

Come visit Costa Rica during the luxurious green season for a fresh, warm climate and life in full bloom.  Experience the many markets bursting with local produce in a setting that heightens the senses. 

 By Alex Swift

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