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Costa Rica’s Independence Day: A Month-Long Celebration

Costa Rica’s Independence Day, celebrated on September 15th, is a month-long festival that honors the nation’s independence from Spanish rule, a journey shared with other Central American countries. This year, as Costa Rica marks its 202nd Independence Day, we delve into the vibrant celebrations, historical significance, and the unique traditions that make this event a…

Unlocking the Endless Summer Dream: Costa Rica Real Estate Season


In the realm of Costa Rican real estate, a fascinating phenomenon unfolds as the North American summer draws to a close. It marks the official beginning of our real estate high-season, attracting a surge of eager buyers from the United States and Canada. The timing might seem unconventional, but there’s a method to this seasonal…

Single-Family Luxury Homes in Costa Ballena in 2023


The Single-Family Luxury Homes Market in Costa Ballena A Glimpse into Today’s Trends and Tomorrow’s Trajectory In the stunning regions of Dominical, Uvita, and Ojochal, Costa Ballena’s luxury single-family home market is experiencing a dynamic evolution. With the enchanting backdrop of mountains meeting oceans, these areas have witnessed a significant uptick in property development between…

Moving to Costa Rica from Europe: A New Horizon for Aspiring European Expats

Moving to Costa Rica from Europe: A New Horizon for Aspiring European Expats Costa Rica, a stunning gem in Central America, is calling out to Europeans with an allure that goes beyond its rich biodiversity and exotic beauty. This remarkable country presents not just a vacation destination but a beacon of freedom, adventure, and a…

Navigating Dreams and Reality: A 9-Point Guide to Due Diligence in Costa Rica


Embarking on a property investment journey in the lush landscapes of Costa Rica is an exciting endeavor, but the importance of due diligence in Costa Rica cannot be overstated. It’s the delicate thread that weaves together the dream of owning property in paradise with the tangible realities of legal procedures, cultural nuances, and financial considerations….

Rapport sur le marché immobilier de Costa Ballena (deuxième trimestre 2023)

Costa Ballena Real Estate Market Report (Second Quarter, 2023): Captivating Insights and Lucrative Investment Prospects The information provided in this Real Estate Market Report is for general informational purposes only and should not be considered as investment advice. Readers are encouraged to independently verify the data and seek advice from qualified experts before making any…

Choisir entre le Mexique et le Costa Rica : Une comparaison complète pour les expatriés potentiels

costa rica mexico

Deciding on the perfect destination for becoming an expat can be challenging, especially for North Americans considering Mexico and Costa Rica. While both countries offer enticing opportunities, it’s essential to evaluate various factors before making a decision. This article provides a comprehensive comparison between Mexico and Costa Rica, covering aspects such as land, culture, ethics,…

Des trésors anciens aux délices modernes : Un voyage dans l'héritage du chocolat au Costa Rica


Indulge in the captivating tale of Costa Rica’s chocolate legacy as we embark on a journey from ancient treasures to modern delights. This article unveils the rich history and cultural significance of chocolate in Costa Rica, tracing its roots back to the indigenous tribes who revered cacao as a sacred plant. From the colonial era…