Many of us have chosen to move to Costa Rica for the natural wonders this bountiful yet small land has to offer. This country is 119 kilometers at its narrowest from coast to coast and 464 kilometers at its longest distance. But this is a fruitful land of twelve different climate zones and home to 4% of the world’s total biodiversity. Costa Rica’s exquisite nature is quite possibly enough to wow the over three million tourists that visit Costa Rica annually. What really sustains our love of Costa Rica is the great quality of air, water and particularly the food.

Farmer’s markets are a place to showcase farmers and artisans and their delicious goods made with love every week. We have three main weekly markets that happen in our Costa Ballena region. There are also three others in the outlying area. Each one offers opportunities for sourcing local, fresh, and organic produce and handcrafted goods.

Uvita’s Wednesday El Mercado

Uvita’s Wednesday market, El Mercado in Bahia

Opening their doors in December of 2017, Uvita’s El Mercado has been a local staple for over two years. Located at Bahia’s huge Salon Communal, dozens of vendors showcase their local produce. Enjoy a variety of hand-made foods, clothing, art and more. Lavender and cacao goat’s milk soaps, organic kimchi and herbal remedies and more are available under one roof. Visit them every Wednesday from 8 am – 5 pm.

Most of what you’ll find here is made locally. Vendors are excited to share samples and discuss how they made their products and what they used. Peruse the many fresh and local fruit and veggie vendors and fill your reusable bag with whole foods. El Mercado is dedicated to the community’s plastic-free initiative so be sure to bring your own.

Prices are good at this feria, and many fruits and vegetables are priced comparably to the supermarket. They are, however, of superior quality, freshness and selection. The freshness of local produce has always been one of the main reasons for many to move to Costa Rica.

You may have the pleasure of being serenaded by one of the area’s music talents. From 10 am – 12 pm, a local singer/songwriter is featured every week in the Salon. Grab a falafel kebab or an Argentinian steak sandwich and take in a show in between running errands in Uvita. Wednesdays are fun thanks to El Mercado.

El Mercado offers: premium fruits and vegetables, handicrafts, hot meals, plants, clothing, nuts, seeds, grains, spices, sauces, dairy products, meat, fish, oils, bread, cleaning products, lock smith, live music

Uvita’s Farmer’s Market

Busy Saturday’s at Uvita’s farmer’s market

Uvita’s Saturday Farmer’s Market offers fresh foods and locally made goods weekly from 8 am – 12 pm. Head in to Uvita’s central district and find it at the indoor soccer field. You will find many of the same vendors from the Wednesday market. Expats who move to Costa Rica get involved and sell their creations, too.

This market is extremely popular and busy. It is a smaller space and on Saturday, when more locals are available to come outside of work. Arrive early at this market to get the best selection of produce. If you’re happy to take your time and look around, this market offers exciting products and experiences!

Local craftsmen showcase intricate brass, copper and silver jewelry, embellished with touches of wood, feathers, shells or gemstones. Vendors are more than willing to share their stories. They will give descriptions of where their products come from and how they are sources sustainably and ethically. And healers of a variety of modalities are around to give you a beneficial experience.

Different flavors of kombucha, smoked fish and healing chocolates are just some of the sensational features of this market. There are around 30 stalls, each offering something different.

Prices at this feria are reasonable, with some premiums on specialty items. Some items are imported from cooler regions like portobello mushrooms and asparagus. But if you stick to what’s local, you will be paying slightly better prices than the supermarket. On top of that, the farmer is earning more by cutting out middlemen.

Check out Uvita’s Farmer’s Market for: or vegetables, cold-pressed coconut oil, fruits, seeds, nuts, grains, spices, fish, cheese, meat, salsas, pickles, bread, herbal remedies, jewelry, natural body products, souvenirs, clothing, crafts, chocolate, massage, reflexology, hot mea

Dominical Eco Feria

Locals at the Eco-Feria Camino Real in Dominical

A truly committed group of eco-champions came together just over a year ago to create Domincal’s Eco Feria at Patron’s. This all day event is the newest market in the Costa Ballena but it’s possibly the most exciting because of its commitment to all local, all organic, and all sustainable. Vendors are closely scrutinized before being admitted to selling at this venue because those who come to this feria are expecting a level of quality that is worth a premium.

Health conscious people who tend to their bodies like sacred temples are likely to find whatever they need at this market. From organic foods to traditional local tinctures and other holistic remedies, this feria is a plethora of local artisans featuring their life’s work in the form of lovingly made food, medicine and art. 

Huge rows of small vendors tables are filled with so many exciting and delicious looking things that it can be easy to get distracted. This market is one you’re going to want to walk around a couple of times before committing to buying anything because the selections are unbelievable. Amazing looking and healthy treats are amply abundant. And as always, the artisans are waiting to share their passion with you, so take your time and learn something new from the experts.

What you can find at the Dominical Eco Feria: (all local and organic) healing teas, gluten and sugar free cakes, CBD chocolate, huge varieties of hot sauces, chemical-free detergents, aromatherapy, alternative medicines, hot and fresh foods, souvenirs, leather belts and bags, yoga clothing.

Other ferias in the area

Feria del Productor Oseño in Palmar Norte: Saturdays from 6 am – 3 pm at Centro de Palmar Norte
Tinamastes Organic Market: Tuesdays from 8 am – 12 pm at Salon Communal Tinamastes de Baru
Feria de Agricultor in San Isidro de El General: Thursdays from 5 am – 9 pm and Fridays from 6 am – 2:30 pm in central San Isidro

It may not be everyone’s first instinct to care about where their food and goods come from. But seeing the passion that goes into a farmer’s or craftsperson’s work and hearing them describe their process is inspiring in a way that can make anyone rethink how they view the world. And isn’t the gift of a new, enlightening perspective one of the best that we can share with each other?

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