Escaleras, Costa Rica is a place that promotes a sense of wellbeing, deep relaxation, and helps you attune yourself with the natural world. This is a popular community in the South Pacific that exudes architectural grandeur blending elegantly with the exotic landscape. Those who have searched Costa Rica’s coastlines for the perfect location to begin the dream of living in a tranquil, natural, and breathtaking location will often conclude that Escaleras is it.

The Escaleras Environment

The mountainous community of Escaleras begins at around 1000ft elevation, with homes nestled amongst old growth rainforest and its abundant wildlife. This region of Costa Rica is home to families of sloths, toucans, monkeys, exotic insects, and enchanting birdlife. Wildlife corridors have been preserved as much as possible in the developed regions of Escaleras, where large acreage properties are left mostly forested for privacy and maintaining a connection with the local wildlife. Living in Escaleras can often elicit the feeling that you are living up in the tree canopy as you see the stunning wildlife pass by at eye-level daily.

The select tracts of land that were cleared for development are open to the full magnificence of the hillside jungles, untouched by man, as well as the jaw-dropping ocean view reaching out below. The ruggedness of nature becomes a gentle blanket of green stretched out as you look down towards the rolling Pacific Ocean. This area is known for its dramatic views of the dynamic coastline, including the world-famous Whale’s Tail beach formation, Caño Island, and the Osa Peninsula.

The mountainous terrain in Escaleras is home to an abundance of winding rivers and some of the most sensational waterfalls in all of Central America. Several properties in Escaleras have rivers and waterfalls within walking distance of their front door with picturesque backdrops and serene, ambient sound. In this sensational environment, hardly a sound other than nature’s cacophony can be heard.

Envision lounging on your elevated terrace while monkeys and toucans visit travel across the treetops above you. The sounds of the rain forest in perfect harmony with the ocean below. *Click the image to visit this Escaleras listing for sale.

Homes in Escaleras

The incredibly pristine environment around Escaleras is decorated mainly with the type of homes that blend seamlessly with the surrounding nature. Houses in Escaleras sit high on the cliff sides, positioned in reverence of the coastal views. Infinity pools merge cool water with the ocean view sunsets on the horizon. Bedrooms and living spaces are built to face the gorgeous Pacific Coast and the green valley below. Large glass sliding doors allow breezes to filter through homes and remove boundaries between the home’s interior and the natural exterior landscape.

Homes in Escaleras are built for living life to the fullest. Large, sun-soaked terraces with ample room for lounge chairs, BBQ areas, and dining spaces under the stars are essentials for unforgettable family gatherings or elegant soirees. Gourmet kitchens with intelligently utilized spaces and extras such as walk-in wine cellars are the details that make Escaleras homes the pinnacle of luxury living in Costa Rica.

Locally-sourced natural materials like cedar wood and river stone are popular aesthetic choices reflecting the majesty of the surrounding environment. Building materials are carefully selected for their natural beauty in the luxury homes in Escaleras. Green/eco-friendly architectural designs are also immensely popular, fostering a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere while maintaining a small environmental footprint. The goal for many is to create a space to live in harmony with the land and nature that is designed well to last in this environment. 

Landscaped entrances to Escaleras properties welcome you home with swaying palms fronds and perennial colorful flower blooms. Most homes and condos in Escaleras are gated for your protection, although most properties are so ample that they do not feel at all confined. Escaleras estates often have additional spaces for development and plenty of room for parking and stretching out. Properties are designed with an emphasis on privacy and space for life to flourish.

Whether you are stargazing from your tub on the balcony at night or spending your morning searching for whales breaching the coastal waters during calving season, Escaleras homes allow you to live close to nature while being safely tucked away in immaculate structures. 

From its picturesque perch in coveted Escaleras, the Jade House brilliantly blends naturally inspired materials with state-of-the-art amenities to guarantee the highest standard of tropical luxury living in Costa Rica. *Click the image to visit this Escaleras listing for sale.

Lifestyle in Escaleras

Escaleras is conveniently located between the coastal towns of Dominical and Uvita, making it centrally located while being out of the main bustle of tourists. Life in Escaleras is all about feeling like you are in a remote location that is actually just a short drive to everywhere you want to be. This is the ideal location from which to embrace doing what you love doing and living life to the fullest. 

Living in these coastal mountains can feel like one of life’s greatest thrills. Unforgettable views span the stunning coastline and remind you that you are within easy reach of the fantastic beaches and exciting adventures in the area. Escaleras has the best of everything for avid adventurers and world travelers who want to surf, zip-line, river raft, hike, and search for wildlife. 4×4 vehicles open the door to driving up the windy, mountainside roads that lead to incredible precipices that overhang jaw-dropping coastal views from high up in the mountains, as well as “secret” river and waterfall spots that are off-the-beaten-path but well worth the journey. 

4×4 trails above Escaleras will lead you on wild adventures to some epic roadside waterfalls and lookout spots high in the mountains.

Mornings have never been so exquisite as day breaks through large windows in your Escaleras residence. Every day brings close encounters with nature and healthier indoor living. Architects strive to make the interior and exterior landscapes feel as one so that residents can feel immersed in the vibrant blues and greens in the day and cotton candy colored sunsets in the evening.

Escaleras is home to some of the most high-end estates in the region and is therefore blessed with amenities like high-speed internet, robust security, and solid infrastructure. There are quality services available like concierge, spa and massage, and private chef catering. This is the home of modern luxury living in a dream come true location. Try upscale gourmet restaurants, gorgeous jungle-enveloped cafes, and shop at boutique stores carrying high-quality, Costa Rican made products all located within the community of Escaleras.

Life here combines the comforts of modern, upscale living with the creative flow of the jungle. Outdoor spaces on Escaleras properties are perfect for yoga or bird-watching. It’s easy to reconnect with nature as toucans soar lazily overhead while you meander through courtyards surrounded by tropical gardens, where coconuts and bananas are almost always within reach.

Market Report on Properties in Escaleras

The way things are going in today’s Costa Rica real estate market, if you don’t buy that Escaleras estate you have been eyeing, someone else will. There are only so many homes and land for sale in this tiny Costa Rican town. There are currently 15 homes and lots for sale in Escaleras totaling around $22 million in value. The average price for a lot for sale in Escaleras is around $400,000 for just under 2 acres of land. The average home price for sale in Escaleras is about $1,580,000 and most homes are high-end luxury estates.

So far in 2022, 17 homes and lots have sold in the area since the start of the year. Of those that sold, the average sale price was about $1,792,133 and properties sold for around 95% of asking price.

While many purchase real estate in Escaleras to live in an exceptional location, others use their Escaleras residence primarily as a lucrative rental property. According to AirDNA, an average night’s stay on Airbnb for an Escaleras rental is around $372/night with many homes renting for over $1000 per night. There are many smaller homes for rent and some fantastic mansions that compare to the top luxury properties in the world.

There may not be any five-star, all-inclusive resorts in the area but there are a number of super-luxury vacation home rentals available that are booked at a high occupancy rate throughout the year. Escaleras is the home of yoga retreat centers and boutique homestay experiences. Visitors choose Escaleras vacation home rentals because there are many concierge services in the area and property managers are ready to curate an entirely unique luxury vacation experience for their guests, including personal chefs, spa services, and boutique tours. This is the perfect destination for wedding celebrations and honeymoons because of the availability of numerous luxury multi-home properties in this spectacular region. Experienced local property management companies make rental income an easy and almost effortless pursuit.

This multi-home, luxury Dominical property features a prime location in the upscale Escaleras neighborhood, near Playa Dominical, that is great for rentals. The detailed wood interior makes for impressive listing photos. *Click the image to see more listing details.

People come from all over the world come to Escaleras to explore the wonders of this serene landscape. Escaleras’ luxury views and community amenities increase the profitability of vacation rentals that are turnkey income producers. Customers who rent properties in Escaleras return yearly to experience more of the magic, reliving in a new way each time, because why go somewhere else when you’ve found a place that speaks to the depths of your soul? This is the kind of place you visit and create memories that last a lifetime.

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