I admire those who wholeheartedly choose to say ‘yes’ to this land, its people, and the culture found here. Dagmar Reinhard was one of those people. I would see her at every big event I attended (not many by her standards) and I would, of course, read about her adventures in her bi-monthly publications in Ballena Tales. I found her to be exceptional in her effort to attend community events and also in her drive and ability to engage with organizers and participants alike. It appeared to me that her goal was to live what Costa Ballena is all about and to share it with the world – with passion and zest!

From the Facebook page of Dagmar Reinhard

Osa Tropical Properties advertised in the first issue of the magazine and every one afterwards. We had a special relationship with Dagmar and she was a fan of ours as much as we were of her. I cannot claim to have known Dagmar very well personally but it is out of my experience of working in collaboration with her on her publications over a number of years, as well as watching her work with finesse throughout the Zona Sur communities, that I would like to express my deepest condolences to all who knew her and were affected by her life. She was a truly striking force whose capacity to unite people and their efforts throughout Costa Ballena will be deeply missed and difficult to replace.

On March 30th, a large group of people who knew and loved Dagmar gathered to celebrate her life and give thanks for the many gifts she gave to this region. There were laughs, tears, and many stories exchanged about how this great human helped shape what Costa Ballena has become by sharing the magic of this region through her stories.

The best lesson I think we can take from Dagmar’s life is to immerse ourselves in the soul of what’s around us. Whether it is something that interests you or not, there can be so much good that comes out of participating in community events – for both you and the community. Of course, Dagmar made a business out of joining in events; but, without her participation, many of those events and other various community efforts would not have carried the weight they do. 

Let us all be like Dagmar and foster the many benevolent efforts being put forth all around us every day. Whether they are the creation and maintenance of community parks and recreation areas, a new business opening in your neighborhood, a play in one of the community theaters, or even a large-scale annual festival… Each of these creative endeavors means something to the communities that host them and our participation gives value to the efforts, creating space for more. 

A great way for us to integrate into our local communities is to participate and support those around us who are giving to our communities the passionate efforts that blossom from their hearts. This area is a fruitful hub for many beautiful works and I know that Dagmar lived in appreciation of them as indicators of the healthy growth of this region. I will strive to keep this lesson close to my heart… for the love of Costa Ballena and its many tales.