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What’s a good property in Costa Rica for an SDIRA investment?


Buying a property in Costa Rica is one of the newest ways that Americans are investing their self-directed IRAs. They are seeing the value in Costa Rica real estate and they may even want to retire here in the future. But more importantly, they see the value in investing in a home or lot in…

12 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Real Estate in Costa Rica


Today’s article is a follow-up to our recent list of questions that people ask about Costa Rica when they first get to our office. We took a poll amongst ourselves in the office and came up with this list of frequently asked questions that more serious buyers have for us about real estate in Costa…

What Does It Really Mean When a Home in Costa Rica Has Good Bones?

People frequently talk about “good bones” when it comes to purchasing a home in Costa Rica —and everywhere else in the world!  But it’s not always crystal clear what that actually means. It can be an argument for purchasing a superficially unattractive home, but there are also plenty of residences that have been badly designed,…